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Editor's Pick:

Today, while I was busy at my tasks
She came to me, and proudly held to view
The flowers she had gathered, with the words
"See Mommy! I have picked them all for you."

I smiled with high delight, and gathered close
The limp grey weeds, the wilted dandelion...
And placed them all in water, in a vase
Upon the window sill to catch the shine!

I often think, Lord, this must be Your task
With prayers and deeds we bring to You each night,
How Poor and small they are, they fall so short!
And yet, how beautiful within Your sight.

To understand our aims, unworthy deeds ...
And bless the "flowers" shining through the weeds!

-- Submitted by Charmian Blattner from Philo, CA

Editor's Pick:

The house was small, the children numbered four
And as they climbed up to the second floor
I said, before you sleep, mother will come
And listen to the prayers of every one
 For when you lay your head in slumber's nest
An angel's peace will soothe your little chest

 The first one prayed that she would have her dream
A three-year-old with lots of plans to scheme
Then mother added, don't forget to pray
For those who have no toys with which to play
And may your heart be giving with no end
I love you darling, go to sleep, Amen

 The second was a little boy of six
I pray dear God, please give me magic tricks
I said His miracles no tricks employ
For He has blessed a sickly little boy
Please don't forget how ill your little friend
I love you, keep him in your prayers, Amen

The third one prayed for all his family
Then kneeling down and looking up at me
He asked God at the tender age of nine
To bless me with his love, pure and divine
And when his prayer was coming to an end
He said, dear God, I need a bike, Amen

The twelve-year-old was struggling to pray
For tears were falling with each word he'd say
His dog was gone and I could not console
The pain that pierced the innocence of soul
I said I know he was your dearest friend
I love you, May you find the strength, Amen

My own heart was now weeping as they slept
As thoughts of things I couldn't give had crept
Through window panes, that couldn't mask the winds
That whistled through the fields and barren limbs
And then a whispering voice said, my dear friend
Your love is all they'll ever need, Amen

-- Submitted by Elizabeth Santos from Pottstown, PA


A full and final disclosure
Featuring the place of shadows
None are so blind
That they cannot kill with kindness.

 A man greatly beloved
On that day the world ended
A little sleep so lightly
Before the need to bear witness.

 Return of the conquering hero
Always requires the right kind of castle
A design for triumphant adventure
With the beast always in full view.

 The human-interest story
Is kept in the dusty unopened drawer
Escape to a changing perspective
Is right across the cosmic threshold.

 It was an amazing incident
In a very unusual life
Coming home to a door without a key
And a day of final reckoning.

 ©D.S. 2002

 -- Submitted by David Soriano from Bradford, PA


I-800-4-me-Jesus, would you ring that number, please?
And if he doesn't answer, then get me someone from the threes.
The Father will do nicely or the Spirit Holy Ghost
But it really is to Jesus that my need to talk is most.

I know that he is busy, so many calling him,
But you see, I really need to talk to one of them.
The line seems always busy; I don't think he knows I call,
For the things that I ask for; I don't seem to see at all.

His glory I see shinning through the skies and in the stars
And every glimpse of heaven, marked, his, mine and ours.
If he is too busy, well, please do not disturb;
Just tell him that I need him and will be sitting on the curb.

 -- Submitted by Gloria Sarasin from Trinity, North Carolina


 I walk in the shadow of the cross
And in its path I find the line
Between the living and the lost.
Through the valleys dark and caverns bleak;
He lights my way so I can see,
And when my steps I find too weak;
I feel Him lift and carry me.
On this path with Him commune;
I walk with him and not alone.
Not a path with petals strewn
But one of blood and jagged stone.
In the shadow of His light;
My footsteps become with Him as one.
I cling to His sacred garment white;
My blood leaving stains upon His gown.

 -- Submitted by Gloria Sarasin from Trinity, North Carolina


 Beneath the hot and scorching sun,
I worked and slaved my life away,
And like a squirrel awaiting winter;
I'd put away some pay.
But like water placed within a hole;
The savings soon all leaked away.

 Beneath the hot and scorching sun;
I one day reached to touch the son.
Treasures stored the world can't touch;
Ones for Jesus; saved souls and such.
Storing only now treasures in heaven;
The only ones the world can't threaten.

 -- Submitted by Gloria Sarasin from Trinity, North Carolina


God placed a song within my heart
With lyrics light and gay
But it was I who didn't sing
And turned the words to gray.

He made my feet to tap to music
With life in every step
But it was I who failed to dance
And thusly lost my pep.

It was he who placed the light
Within my heart and mind
But it was I who snuffed it out;
My song I failed to find.

May I learn to dance anew,
To sing a song of praise
And never fail to see the light
Beneath His glorious rays.

-- Submitted by Gloria Sarasin from Trinity, North Carolina

God sent an angel down from heaven
To watch over you and me
A touch on the shoulder, a whisper in the ear
The angel is telling you exactly what God wants you to hear
He tells you that life is precious
That everyday is a chance
Love life as it is, as long as it lasts
Tell the people you love
How much you really feel
You never know when your day may come
So you better believe this is real!

-- Submitted by Sarah from Virginia


Each time I walked with eyes cast down
And felt too weak to reach God in prayer;
It is then, he came down to me,
As he watched my footsteps falter.

Within my heart, he poured out his grace,
And gave me strength to walk on further;
He patiently waited for me to recover
So once again, I could look up to the father.

He sees us when we can no longer stand
And it is then, he holds out his hand;
He shines a light and the darkness disbands,
For it is only he, who always understands.

-- Submitted by Gloria Sarasin from Trinity, North Carolina


 A bird flew up to my window and sang me a song.
The melody was short, but the harmony was soft and long.

 The bird sang at my window, and voiced it loud and clear.
The tune seeped deep within my soul, I knew the Lord was near.

 A bird flew up to my window, and a song he did sing.
Blessed are those who obey the Lord....
For in heaven you shall have wings.

 A bird flew up to my window, he said before he flew away.
Hold to your convictions my friend....
You'll receive those wings one day....

 ©Copyright 2002
Roberta M. Heck

  -- Submitted by Roberta M. Heck from Roosevelt, NJ


 God's precious word is pouring forth
Upon the endangered waters.
Few there are who heed the call
Or give up earthly pleasures.

 Like an eagles' piercing call,
Sending forth its cries of warning;
The word of God, like a dagger pricks,
The consciences of the dying.

 The warning comes of impending fires
That will consume the mass of waters;
The waters are the unsaved people,
Walking still, caught in the briars.

 Hear the eagle's approaching wings
And open your ears to his cry;
Listen to the words of warning
And know the things that are nearby.

-- Submitted by Gloria Sarasin from Trinity, North Carolina


 Will your hands be empty
On that day you stand before him?
No crown to lay down at his feet;
None in your hand you carry?

 Will he say, "Well done my child,
Your work on earth, you did it well"?
Or when you see him, be only shame,
For the things of God that you defiled?

 Will you have slipped quietly through the cracks
Because of his mercy by grace he saved?
Did never once you take the time to praise
Or thank him for writing your name on his plaque?

 Will your hands be empty on that day;
No seeds you sowed for him to harvest?
Did you help anyone to come to know him
Or kneel down with him; a sinner's prayer to pray?

 Lord, may your word that is sent forth,
Not return empty that flow from our lips;
May they be multiplied a hundred fold
In the East, the West, the South and North.

-- Submitted by Gloria Sarasin from Trinity, North Carolina


No use in arguing with those who have no clue
or trying to make them understand your point of view.
So let it rest!

 No use in turning lively discussions into a heated one
or turning road rage into murder with a gun.
So let it rest!

 No use in exchanging hurtful words or insults
or letting your blood pressure skyrocket as a result!
So let it rest!

 No use in stressing yourself out
or walking around mad or in a pout.
So let it rest!

 No use in worrying about what other think about you
or what they say.
Just continue walking and living in a spiritual way.
So let it rest!

 No use in trying to be what others want you to be
for the only one you have to prove anything to is God the Almighty
So let it rest!

 In God's hands are our problems and pests.
God knows and does what is best.
So in God, let it rest!

 -- Submitted by Monique Nicole Fox from Maryland


 For thirty pieces of silver;
Have I sold him for less?
Placed Christ on the altar,
from his word I transgress.

 Have I been a Judas,
A betrayer of his?
Can I claim to be guiltless
While I call myself his?

 Thirty pieces of silver,
Coins filled with shame;
The price for the favor,
To point out his name.

 I didn't sell him for silver,
But sold him for sin
And Christ was the bearer,
My freedom to win.

 -- Submitted by Gloria Sarasin from Trinity, North Carolina


 Be still, my heart and listen,
To what the Lord is saying.
Lean on me, I'll help you through,
I know your heart is aching.

 Be still, my mind, stop roaming,
Don't drift back to the past,
Look for bright tomorrows,
Don't on them, let shadows cast.

 Be still so you can hear him,
His voice today to hear,
The Lord is always with you,
You have no need to fear.

 Be still, be still, be still.

 -- Submitted by Gloria Sarasin from Trinity, North Carolina


 So beautiful, the midnight sky;
God's candles all alit.
No sound but for the whippoorwills,
While on my porch I sit.

I take this time to say a prayer,
My list has grown so tall,
but I can't help but wonder,
Does he hear my prayers at all.

 I see a little frog hop by,
He too, I guess, can't sleep,
I reach my hand to touch him,
Then quickly see him leap.

 My world outside tonight is peace,
I wish so was my heart;
So many thoughts fill my mind
As back and forth they dart.

 Before I rise to go inside,
Once more I gaze above,
I look upon the starlit sky
And remember the God of love.

 With his hands, he holds the stars,
And keeps them in the sky,
With his love, he holds me too,
And yet I ask him why.

 So quiet now, my heart is still,
And spirit feels at rest,
My God is in the heavens
And I'm so richly blessed.

 -- Submitted by Gloria Sarasin from Trinity, North Carolina


 In the sinister, secret darkness of the night,
Like a shadow shrouding all things pure and right,
Awaken to the Light.

 In the saving sunshine of the day,
Like a tassel woven without a fray,
Awaken to the Light.

 In the heavy hearts of all mankind,
Abuse and violence choke and bind,
Awaken to the Light.

 In the sanctified souls of servants of God,
Like a rainbow decorating every sod,
Awaken to the Light.

 In the material minds of those who harm,
Retreat in peace and then disarm,
Awaken to the Light.

 In the loving Light there is no dying,
Torn nations of children won't be crying,
Awaken to the Light.

-- Submitted by Floriana Hall from Akron, Ohio


 Like a thief in the night,
gathers this precious soul.
Without a single fight,
to make his body whole.

 The child God delivered,
he's now taken away.
Not a sound can be heard,
there's nothing he can say.

 Warm sunlight all around,
as peacefulness is felt.
My final home I've found,
the winning card is dealt.

 Don't shed a tear for me,
I don't want you to cry.
Fond memories the key,
while looking at the sky.

 I'm up here, looking down,
knowing how much you care.
Think of me as the clown,
when sorrow's hard to bear.

 I'll be with you always,
no matter where you'll be.
Happy thoughts fill your days,
"I love you all," from ME.

 -- Submitted by Rose Jenneman from Chetek, WI




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