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Some of our many contest winners!
From time to time we run a free poetry contest with the subject matter being specified and the prizes being books by our Poet Laureates. Indeed, the responses have been numerous and the quality of work outstanding. Please spend a moment or two reading the winning entries below and those on the previous years' links. They are truly wonderful pieces of writing. We wish all our poets the best of luck with their work and thank them for gracing our site. Any future contests will be announced here.
-- Editor, Nan Nichols Crussell

 The winner for December
Category: "Being Alone for the Holidays"


Remembering seasons
times and treasures
a thought of youth
and holiday pleasures
simple things
a family sharing
love and peace
and soulful caring

A song for the soul
the night stands still
with the blanketed earth
cold winter chill
holiday dreams
in the spirit of love
a gift to us all
the child from above

In longing my heart
has the time of friends near
for my mother and father
a brother so dear
away into heaven
eternity rest
times of my youth
were all of the best

Memories many
a family blessed
kept us together
hearts in our quest
angels of Christmas
are some that we know
let peace and love
be the treasures to show

A search through the stars
on this heavenly night
the meaning is there
in the wonderful light
take to his arms
with loved ones near
have peace in your life
all through the year

-- Submitted by Brownie Vaught
from Martinsville, Indiana
EMAIL: bv9225@netzero.net


 The winner for November
Category: "Stars, Comets or the Moon"


I would like to write a poem,
And place it gently on the moon...
Beside the flag, left all alone,
Atop that crest of shadowed dune

There it would stand, without a blemish
Not a fold, or wrinkled edge
And it would leave a simple message
Of deepest love, I'd wish to pledge

Its calm would overlook Earth's toil,
But never change its pleasant smile...
Upon that face, within its soil,
That we have viewed from many miles

And for whomever cares to read,
It would become their welcome home...
To say, "Hello, come rest in peace,
Your heart will never be alone"

For I have left a part of life,
Within a silent lover's tomb...
To share with travelers of the night,
Upon their journeys to the moon

-- Submitted by Michael Timothy Salazar
from Virginia Beach, VA
EMAIL: mspoet@aol.com

Poem Contest Winner


The winner for October
Category: "When Love Is Done"

The spring, no longer in my step--
I cringe to greet each day.
My taste for food--no longer there--
Gloom encamps to stay.

I toss and turn throughout the night,
As sleep escapes my try--
Dreaming haunts the naps I get--
And time is loth to fly.

So much is changed from what I felt--
The world-- a different place--
Am I the person that I was?
Is this a different face?

But that was when we were a pair--
And now, I'm only one.
Your presence caused reflected glow--
But gone now is my sun.

Somehow I coped--before we met--
And I may--another day--
How I long for the way I felt--
When SURE your love would stay!

-- Submitted by William R. Woodall
from Akron, Ohio
EMAIL: wrw.tripe@prodigy.net


The winner for September
Category: "Back to School"

 I stood and reminisced today
about learning the "golden rule"
as I dropped my daughter off
for her very first day of school.

I watched a little boy crying
with his head tucked in his hands
and I heard him mutter through his tears,
"…nobody understands."

I asked my daughter if she knew the boy
and she said, "His name is Tommy
and he's been standing there all by himself
just crying for his mommy."

I thought to myself what a big step it was
considering his age and size
and it broke my heart when I looked into
his frightened, tear-filled eyes.

I wanted to reach out my arms to him
and hold him oh so tight
and tell him, "Please don't worry;
everything will be alright."

Then I saw my daughter point at me
as his tears ceased to fall.
My curiosity got the best of me,
so I inched closer along the wall.

I heard her answer him with a grin.
She was speaking straight to Tommy,
when she said, "Oh, that lady crying there?
Don't worry, that's just my mommy!"

-- Submitted by Linda Ellis from Marietta, GA
EMAIL: lellis@bellsouth.net



The winner for August
Category: "Greed"

This lesson was learned by Miss Greedy
Who wore her shoplifted bikini.
She heard a loud pop,
and off came her top
And had nothing on in betweenie!

-- Submitted by Ulrike Thompson
from Pittsburgh, PA
EMAIL: ulr@libcom.com




(Editor's Note:
We had a couple of runners-up in this
month's contest by poets who approached the
subject well. But it is unusual for us to receive
short, concise writing that is well done, so we
selected this one for its uniqueness!)


The winner for July
Category: "Car Phones"

Since childhood I'd pooh-pooed this 'saw',
'Bout those who are not able,
To munch on gum while they walk'--
Like Aesop---just a fable.

But then I met some living proof,
That maybe this is TRUE!
Seen several souls who struggled so--
Juggling tasks they do.

Now it seems all doubt is gone,
I have the proof I need--
Technology has come of age--
Produced a nit-wit breed.

Of all the idiotic stunts,
That driving safety's seen--
Few are worse than those who phone--
While driving their machine!

Right up there with those who drink--
Are those who talk and drive,
Their brains so badly over-taxed--
Need LUCK to stay alive!

So PARK and phone--(if phone you must)--
Get out and take a WALK--
I'll even buy a pack of GUM--
Try Chewing, while you TALK.

-- Submitted by William R. Woodall
from Akron, Ohio
EMAIL: wrw.tripe@prodigy.net



The winner for May
Category: "Insomnia"

Sleepless nights are not so bad
The world is still going 'round,
And if you stop to listen
Then you will hear all its magical sounds.

The sound of a baby breathing
The surf upon the shore,
The grandfather clock chiming
Your loved one as he walks in the door.

Peacefulness, the quiet,
Time to think or feel,
Nighttime is the best time
Quiet moments that you can steal.

So you see, insomnia's not so bad
I can sit and write a poem,
In the peacefulness of the night
At long last alone.

-- Submitted by Gladys Cairo
EMAIL: cookiecrumble67@aol.com




The winner for June
Category: "Telemarketers"

No, Mr. Aikens is not at home,
You can call him later.
That's when he'll be back at home.
Who me? I'm just his neighbor.

Nothing in this world is free.
Everything has its own little fee.
And no I don't want a set of knives,
I've already got twenty-three!

Calling everyday has got to be a crime
For this you should go to jail.
Oh, you're selling blocks from telemarketer calls,
Send mine in the mail!

-- Submitted by Jaron Aikens
from Silver Spring, Maryland
EMAIL: Jaron119@cs.com


The winner for March
Category: "St. Patrick's Day"

Now St. Patrick, he sat down and wrote,
With his quill and his ink he made note
That each subsequent year,
On that date he held dear,
The Black Stuff would flow down his throat.

As each anniversary passed,
His neighbours were joining him fast,
And by year number ten
A hundred young men
Got sloshed from a vat that was vast.

By the time that St. Pat passed away
Which was thirty years on to the day,
I swear it's no joke --
There were thousands of folk
Who got wrecked by the grave where he lay.

The tradition has grown all the while,
And in March every year, with some style,
The flags are unfurled
All over the world,
Not just in the Emerald Isle.

-- Submitted by Michael Bell-Scott
from Isle of Man, British Isles
EMAIL: mhbs@manx.net



The winner for April
"Demon Rum, Hootch, and Booze!"

Granddad is my favourite chum,
Cheers me up when I am glum,
Lets me help him make a stew,
He says it is a special brew,
And calls it Demon Rum!

Granddad says his hootch is best,
Stands out miles from all the rest,
He says it has a secret factor,
Being brewed in a reactor,
And puts it to the test!

Granddad really likes his booze,
But I don't really share his views,
Once he made me have a sip,
My poor stomach did a flip,
Oh dear, poor Granddad's shoes!

--Submitted by Kerri Fordham from
Pagham, Bognor Regis, West Sussex, UK
EMAIL: kerrifordham2000@yahoo.co.uk


The winner for January
Category: "Hiccups"


Hold your nose and pat your head.
Count your toes and paint them red.
Stretch and yawn the alphabet.
Are they gone?
Not yet.

Fill your pants with chicken soup.
Tap dance in a Hula Hoop.
Stuff a sleeve with cantaloupe.
Did they leave?

Fill your bed with cottage cheese.
Place your head between your knees.
Twist your ear and bite your shoe.
Did they disappear?

-- Submitted by Eric Ode from Bonney Lake, WA
EMAIL: eandkode@peoplepc.com


The winner for February
Category: "Computers"

Up til now, my life was simple
Nothing that I couldn't handle
But technology beckoned, it was all over town
So I bought a computer with no money down

They said I'd be up and running in no time flat
Just plug it in, it's as easy as that
You'll be on the web, and you could send e-mail
It's really so easy, you just can't fail

It was easy at first, no time did I waste
and I learned in an hour how to cut and paste
But over the year, I wanted to do more
Little did I know what was really in store

Now I'm confused, the darn thing always crashes
It doesn't do what I want, I'm ready to smash it
I've loaded so many programs, probably close to seventy-five
And now there's no more room left on my hard drive

Ethernets, USB, routers, Burners, DVD's
I've spent thousand of dollars, someone help me, please!
Networks, memory, modems, firewalls to be safer
Forget it!! I'm going back to pencil and paper

-- Submitted by Daniel Ciccarelli
from Euclid, Ohio
EMAIL: DanC1230@aol.com


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