First Love
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Poems about First Love
Editor's Pick:

I was a lifeless planet,
wandering through the dark,
And like a broken arrow,
could never hit the mark.
Until I chanced upon your fire,
and was captured by its might,
And although I may still wander,
you are never out of sight.
This you need not ponder,
for as I turn upon my pole,
I know my other side,
is heated by your soul.

You've become my plant life, fern, and flower and tree,
You're my very oceans, and each and every sea.
You've become my wildlife, in the air and on the ground,
Where once there was no motion, life does now abound.
You're everything I hold special, you're everything to me,
For you're my very sunlight, I've gained life from thee.

And as this life grows more complex, my love grows deeper too,
For although it grows upon my soil, it still depends on you.
It's conquered every surface, and filled all my seas,
But life despises vacuums, and like a pile of leaves,
Blows out in all directions, it is shortly off to Mars,
So someday this life filled planet, may take life to the stars.

In the distant future, a billion years away,
There shall come a time of mourning, you need not feel dismay.
For your fire shall be exhausted, and you will swell in size,
Until I reach your mantle, for this I claim my prize.
I would rather be a part of you, and to be no more,
Than to be a lifeless planet, with a lifeless core.

-- Submitted by Stuart Rees from Sydney, Australia



Are you the first drop of sunshine or a warm breeze on a winter night,
Are you the reflection of Aphrodite or the illusion of a man's dream,
Are you the brightest star of the universe
Or the reason for its existence,
Are you the quintessence of wealth or is mankind poor without you,
Are you the only wish of the living or the last hope of dying,
Are you the essence of a true life or is life purposeless without you,
Are you the prayer of the plagued ones
Or the medicine for the one in love,
Are you in the sparkle in man's eyes or the mirage of his sight,
Are you the music of the composer's heart
Or the only sonnet of a poet,
Are you the color of a tulip field or the pale softness of the moonlight,
Are you the vision of the blind ones or are we blind without you,
Are you the thirst of the desert sand or the first rain drop,
Are you love in its purest form or is love pure because of you,
Are you the echo of heavenly love or is love made heavenly by you,
Are you nature gazing from its own eyes
Or are you my love at first sight

-- Submitted by Cyrus Hiramanek from Toronto, ON


First love is always pure
Not caused by looks or fame
Only with it comes a hope
That that person feels the same

Even though saying I love you
Is a hard thing to do
The hardest part is not hearing
Someone say I love you too

And though I feel the pain inside
Every minute of the day
I know that someday it will end
But in my heart you'll stay

Until the day we meet again
May it be near or far
You'll be with me till my days are through
My love, my shining star

-- Submitted by Bridget from Elwood, IL

Sometimes when I cry,
I often see your face,
And for many reasons why,
I feel an empty space.

I miss your loving voice,
The times that we've shared,
Only to find out later,
You never even cared.

What is love?
It seems so fictional,
My love for you was true,
My love was - unconditional.

I never thought it possible,
Though it seems to be true,
You could have a broken heart,
And walk around so blue.

Those who say...,
"Time heals all",
Never really knew,
How hard you have to fall.

Everyday is a new struggle,
For you realize just what you've lost,
To go a day without thinking of them,
To feel the pain it has cost.

You'll be all right,
At least that's what they say,
Your heart goes on,
You'll love another some day.

Everyone has one soulmate,
I believe in love at first sight,
Is it even possible?
Is it really worth the fight?

-- Submitted by Christine Martin from Danvers, MA


 I never meant to love you,
It happened quite by chance.
I wanted just to be your friend,
Not to share romance.

 But something happened quickly,
Before my heart could know.
I came to know a side of you,
Which caused by love to grow.

 The tender way you touched me,
I pray will never end.
A miracle of circumstance,
My best friend!

 -- Submitted by T. Nicole from Australia


 You tell me you love me,
Then you say you don't.
You say you're coming over,
Then you say you won't.
You love me like a hurricane,
Then you start to freeze.
I just sit here and pray,
Fall upon my knees.

 You had me wrapped,
With your seductiveness.
You said it'd only be me,
Why did I listen? Now it's just a mess.
For now you told me,
It's the way it's gotta be.
When I asked you why,
You replied "It's not you, it's me."

 -- Submitted by T. Nicole from Australia


 I started counting on my fingers
one, two and three
all the reasons that I love you
and we were meant to be

 I only got to two
and sadly realized
it was harder to do
the more and more I tried

 I know I love the way you kiss
I know I love your eyes
Why isn't this an easy list?
Why should I have to try?

 So I started the list over with worry
and this time split it into two
One hand for every spoken "I'm sorry"
and one for every "I love you"

 The first list took off so fast
that I filled up the left five
and as I got down to the last
I looked at the hand on the other side

 So I borrowed a couple fingers from
"I love you", I don't think it will mind
to see how far I could go
and soon filled up the other side

 If I love you is apologies
and feeling sorry all the time
then you and me were meant to be
and we should be just fine

 So I guess I'm writing to tell
you what I know is true
I might not know what love is
but I haven't found it in you

 I am sorry that I am leaving
I am sorry it took so long
to realize the truth we were concealing
and our love was never strong

 These will be my last "I'm sorry's"
to put on my left hand
and for the rest of my life I will
keep searching for a love I can understand

 -- Submitted by Lindsay Brooke from MARYLAND


There is something about you that I just can't figure out
I like you for sure, that's without a doubt
My eyes light up when I think of you,
and I wonder do you think of me too

My belly gets all jumpy when you're around,
my throat gets a little lumpy and my voice cannot be found
This feeling that I have is driving my crazy
The more I think of you, the more my mind gets a little lazy

I tell my friends I am over you
And sometimes I'm stuck thinking is it true?
When you walk into the room, it's like everyone disappears,
and all I can do is just sit there in fear

I often think of what I should say
But my mind always runs astray
Sometimes you cause me not to think straight
We are so great together; I often think it's fate

These feelings that I have for you, are feelings that I trust
They are so amazing that it is such a rush
The only way to describe how I feel in just a few words,
is this is nothing more than a little crush

-- Submitted by Alexis Aponte from Louisville, Kentucky


I sit and wonder
As the days go by
How I will live
How will I survive

 Since I met you
It all became so clear
With you by me
I will never have a fear

 For you are the light
Which leadth me into the everlasting pit of Love
The only one for me
As beatiful as a dove

-- Submitted by Johnathan Pruitt from Danville, IL

Sometimes it's really hard
To get you off my mind
Cause you mean so much to me
I think of you all the time

It's not because you're blonde
Or because your eyes are blue
It's not because you're tall
But because you are you

You're usually really sweet
And have been good to me
We used to be friends
Until just recently

Maybe I could have stopped
Caring for you
Maybe I could have quit
Falling for you

But the feelings I'm having
Aren't wrong or bad
And the thoughts that go through my mind
Can make me so sad

You walked all over my heart
You stepped all over me
Sorry that I bothered you
I only wanted you to see

Now you're not talking to me
And you think I'm stalking you
but come on, get real
I have better things to do

But once again I'm sorry
and I want us to be friends
so please forgive me
I dont want it to end.

 -- Submitted by Brittany R. Curtis from Augusta, MI


 To the boy who should be a violinist...

 I think I have a crush on you.
Don't ask me why, I have no clue -
my brain's a muddle of havoc goo.
I just can't forget you.

 I promised myself I'll suffer for no guy
Not him, not him, not even you - sigh!
Oh, but what the heck, you are always on my mind.
I can't fool myself, I've got to see the light.

 It worries me to think
that you, so smart, can be so slow to link
that I, though hating pink,
am still a girl, feelings tearing round the rink.

 I like you, of course quite a lot
yet I hover before the diving spot
yes - no - tongue in a knot
should I let you know or should I not?

 Give me some sign, won't you?
a hint of what you are going through
am I a part of your thoughts too,
or quite a shadow, rushing scoot?

 I hope that this gets published
even more that, by chance, you read it
Please click and go - hey that's me!
and return your chocolate money a.s.a.p!

 -- Submitted by Jenny Ho from Auckland

I like him, I love him
Which one is true?
Which one do I love?
One of the two

They both give me tingles
They smile and stare
They both are good looking
but that I don't care

Which one understands me more?
Which one cares?
All of this I do not know
My mind is so bare

Which one do I confront
or tell my secrets to?
Which shoulder can I cry on
when I shed a tear or two?

My mind is so messed up
I don't know what to do
How would it be
If I had either one of you

I'm going crazy
what do I do
Why do I even care...
especially about you two

I used to not like guys
but oh, how that changed
oh, how my life
has gotten so rearanged

I wish my wish would
finally come true
To know if the love of my life is
Number 1 or Number 2!

-- Submitted by Abby from St. Michael, MN


When you have found that special love
The one who trusts and honors you
The stars will be a witness of
One soul that sings the songs of two

If love has crept into your heart
And filled each breath with pangs of want
The love that you will now impart
Is from life's ever flowing font

For you will know innate desires
Without a guide to see you through
The burning flesh of passion's fires
Is but the pulse of life in you

Your arms become his sweet caress
Your sheets are now the midnight skies
Let moonlight bathe your nakedness
In pools of trust within his eyes

You are his rose, his velvet bloom
A flower within his tender keep
Sweet petals he cannot consume
From passion's wells so full and deep

In adoration, love him well
No matter what the day or hour
For love has not a space to dwell
Nor does the fragrance of a flower

And when you feel his mind afar
In need of comfort from the day
To soothe his soul, recall there are
Three little words you need to say

Then lay, when words are sweetly said
A fragrant rose across his bed

-- Submitted by Elizabeth Santos from Pottstown, PA


I suppose we've all been there, that terrible place,
Where the look in your eye fits so well with your face,
It's something about you, a far away look,
It stands on a shelf like a wide open book,
But it's no secret, as you well know,
The questions unanswered from so long ago,
How a love that you had could have failed for no reason,
The hurt and the pain, was she guilty of treason,
Lock it away in the place near your heart ,
And stop it from helping you make a new start,
Another is out there, one who'll be true,
Who'll love you as you loved the one, you know who.

-- Submitted by Roger Stewart from Perth, Western Australia


I wish you woudn't have broken my heart,
I wish I wouldn't have let you even start.
I wish you wouldn't have messed with my head,
I wish you wouldn't have lied and said what you said.
I wish somebody could make you learn,
I wish somebody could make your heart burn.
I wish I could make you feel what I felt,
I wish I could make you feel what I was dealt.
I wish every time I saw you, I wouldn't feel hate,
I wish everytime I saw you, it would feel like me and you are fate.
I wish everytime I talked to you, I wouldn't feel used,
I wish everytime I talked to you, I wouldn't feel abused.

-- Submitted by Amber from Wisconsin

Unbreakable Love
People can be unbelievable,
So can love.
Times can be unbearable,
So can love.
A speeding can be unstopable,
So can love.
That's why I love you!

-- Submitted by Donielle Barlan from Shoemakersville, PA


I walked into a crowded room
And sat down on a chair,
Then all at once I saw him,
Dancing over there

Was this his partner?
Or was she just a friend
I asked some people in the room
And found out in the end

Each time when I saw him
I always felt the same
I had this tingling feeling
Running through my veins

Each time when he touched me,
My beating heart would pound
I felt weak in the knees
As we danced around

After a year or so,
One warm summer's day
He asked me to marry him,
I said. "Yes" right away

Now ten years have past,
I still remember that night
That man I saw across the room
Was my love at first sight

-- Submitted by Virginia Gronow from Australia


With joy I like to think
That once there was a time
You were no one else's
You were only mine.

 Yet now I sadly wonder
It's all I could do
Now that I am here
Alone, without you.

 As I walk through the forest,
And try to find my way.
I realize that nevermore
Will you be my night and day..

 I'm moving on, I'm breaking through
I know exactly what to do.

 I accept my fate,
Then as I move on.
I see the horizon,
And I see the dawn.

 Had I not the hurt
Had I not the pain
These lessons in life
Would have been in vain.

 I'm moving on, I'm breaking through
I know exactly what to do.

 As I move towards the end,
And close another chapter.
I travel this road of life
With new joy and laughter.

 With each new beginning,
Of hope never ending
My road keeps on turning
My road keeps on bending

 I'm moving on, I'm breaking through
I know exactly what to do.

 -- Submitted by Lianna Turner from Aberdeen, Scotland, UK


There's a pair of footprints waiting
To be sketched into the sand
The impressions of the future
Of a woman and a man

 Underneath the mist of morning
Where the sands are smooth and wet
There will be of set of footprints
On a day they won't forget

 Only God knows of the meeting
Of two souls yet unaware
That their steps will mark the beach
Where love is waiting for them there

 God will etch their feet in time
On ocean's fringe of ancient sand
He has well prepared their destiny
With artist knife in hand

 He will carve the footsteps as the two
Tread lightly on their way
Looking out upon the waters
Just as God had planned the day

 When the mist rose in the morning
And the sun shone from above
A man and woman in the distance
And God said, "Let there be love."

 -- Submitted by Elizabeth Santos from Pottstown, PA
e-mail: escheffey@aol,com

There's no way to describe
The way you make me feel
It's almost as if
The whole thing were surreal

The twinkle in your eyes
Never wanting to say goodbye
The perfect smile on your face
You're truly an amazing grace

I see you in my dreams both day and night
I see your heavenly face in the starry twilight
Your voice always ringing in my ear
The only voice I long to hear

Wishing we could be together, every second of every day
You take my troubles completely away
The only guy I want is you
Deep in your heart, I hope you want me too

-- Submitted by Becky Lehman from Greeley, CO

I will come to you in the day time.
I will raise you from your sleep.
I will kiss you in four places,
as I go running down your street.
And I will squeeze the life right out of you.
I will make you laugh and make you cry.
And we may never forget it
'cuz we had the time of our life.
And now all the good times are through.
And I will always love you.
So shed your tears, let's get it over.
I will come to you in at night time.
I will put you to bed.
I will say I love you.
And I won't be happy even when you're dreaming,
because I know I will bleeding
when I tell you, darlin', I'm leaving.
But let's put that aside and have some fun.
We'll never forget it even when we're done.
Because we had the time of our life,
and now that is through.
Please baby, don't cry when I say I love you.
Because now it's time to leave
and we may never forget it.
So baby please say good bye.
Don't shed a tear, no please don't cry.
Together we are, but now miles apart.
The inches between seem like light years.
Emptyness runs down my face in the form of tears.

-- Submitted by Jeff Fair from Centereach




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