If all our dreams come true...what then?
E.V. Stankowski, Ocoee, Florida


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Sweet Dream Poetry Editor's Pick:

Precious little child of mine,
suckling at my breast,
may you always remain content
and always be at rest.
I pray no ill befalls you,
in your life ahead,
but for now, my darling,
it's time to go to bed.

Dream, sweet dreams, my little
one, as you fall asleep,
may angels dance about you,
in your sleep so deep.
I'll sleep with one ear open,
to listen for your cry,
then sing you back to sleep, my
love, with a lullaby.

-- Submitted by Gloria Lee Sarasin
from Trinity, NC
e-mail: sara689@yahoo.com

Editor's Pick:

Nothing in the world, it seems
Shatters like a broken dream
It is the ache behind the mean
Of shadows silent and unseen

And in this fortress dream of sorrow
Exist no dawn and no tomorrow
Just hours that cut you as they pass
Like little shards of broken glass

And yet another and another
Sometimes the night is meant to suffer
But look up now and see how far
They light your way like little stars

Oh, if I had a star to shine
For every broken dream of mine
The whole night sky would turn to day
And all my troubles melt away

-- Submitted by Lisa G. Leming from Bremerton, WA
e-mail: lisa@silentmuse.com


If I were a magic wand
I'd flutter over every nation
I'd better the course of civilization
Without any regret or hesitation.
If only ....

I'd banish any poverty
There would be an abundance of food
I'd enhance everyone's mood
To be happy when they brood.
If only....

I'd be like Mary Poppins
Descending all the quicker
On heads of state who bicker
I'd light a candle to flicker
If only .....

I'd substitute peace for war
Stir up a congenial kettle
Controversies would be settled
Untangle anything nettled
If only...

But, alas, I am not magic
Just an ordinary human being
Though not a puppet on a string
So I will try to do everything
I can do...

And maybe someone will listen
Someone with ability
To help create tranquility
Retreat from war to civility
God help us....

-- Submitted by Floriana Hall from Akron, Ohio
e-mail: Floriana102@aol.com


It was a bill of goods he bought
And I the merchant who sold the dream;
A price too high is what he paid
For merchandise never received.

Grab a rainbow, touch a star,
The world is yours for just the reach;
Anything you wish to be,
Can be yours, don't fail to dream.

Puffs of smoke in fancy paper,
Goods not worth the life of pain;
Son, anything you dare to dream,
Can be yours; the price, your soul.

-- Submitted by Gloria Sarasin from Trinity, North Carolina
e-mail: sara689@yahoo.com


One-I am sitting on a stone,
searching life on muddy ways,
we are often making mistakes,
so, beginn to build alone...

Two-near to the grave,
ugly forms are appearing,
thou must transform for save,
and to live without killing...

Three-I am waiting for wisdom,
queen of early stars protect,
preserve the hidden kingdom,
may the creation become perfect...

Four-the cross I am guarding,
between light and darkness,

Five-give all the answers,
that s the power of the King,

Six is holy princess,
she heal the seek, cover the sin,

Seven-ancestral river of blessings,
lifting to a superior level...
soul can hear the true voice of the things,
the place where the master become Servant,

That's Eight, the Justice,
Virgin and pure,Truth and Illumination,
the essence of all Revelation...

love to find...
Saturn dies, Helios ressurect...

 -- Submitted by Tatomir Ion Marius
from Sighetu Marmatiei jud.MM/Romania
e-mail: tatomir@usa.com


 Sitting where the green moss grows
And shadows fall upon the grottoes;
I sit and gaze and the while I dream
Of things imagined but seldom seen.

 Upon the rays of golden suns,
I catch a glimpse of heavenly visions;
All the things His hands have made
Before the light within me fades.

 Where dampness tends to grow the moss.
Is there I sit in dreams to cross
Bridges that in life too wide,
I find my way to the other side.

 Upon the wings of birds of flight
And tails of comets to alight.
I soar the oceans and the mountains
And quench my thirst from nature's fountains.

 Let me sit where the green moss grows
And dream away my cares and woes.
Wake me when the visions fade;
When back to reality, my senses bade.

 -- Submitted by Gloria Sarasin from Trinity, North Carolina
e-mail: sara689@yahoo.com


A spectrum of vision, like ghosts, they're now faintest;
Only dry bones where vitality once flourished.
Written on blank pages that time has now vanished;
A dream book in color that age turned into dust.

Like a painting whose subject had quickly faded;
It was gone before the nighttime sky missed the sun.
I search my mind for dreams in hope it's not barren;
To one day relive them or find them still planted.

Kaleidoscopic colors float but pass by me;
I can view them, but like a rainbow, out of reach.
It now is smoke and fading colors that I see
And yet the need for one to dream, forever preach.

On the wings of dreams I sail with nighttime vision
And only in the light of day are they broken.

-- Submitted by Gloria Sarasin from Trinity, North Carolina
e-mail: sara689@yahoo.com


Dreams on which to ponder
Have no meaning till you wonder
Characters and scenes, some unknown
Awaken the mind as it is shown

Soft and gentle, pleasant, not true
Do not wake up, because you knew
Dreams that play in your mind
Are only for your tender kind

-- Submitted by Mary G. from Tampa, FL
e-mail: mglpn1206@hotmail.com


 Mr. Moon up in the sky
How you float so regal and high
I like to watch your many faces and imagine your thoughts
As you look down upon us with such beauty and haught

 I see the man you do possess
He is a part of your regal dress
But yet I can see laughter and mystery in your face
For who else would allow a cow to jump over his space

 And when the autumn leaves turn to gold
And the wind begins to bring the cold
I marvel at your harvest face
And the brilliance of your lusty grace

 Your complete fullness pleasures my sight
And oh, how I chuckle with delight
For even when a cloud may shadow a part of you
It doesn't prevent your aura to shine through

 I see the mischievousness in your face
And how you quench the day in your haste
You frolic with the clouds each night
And as the sun starts to rise, you take flight

 In you God created a masterpiece
A timeless work that will never cease
And the old forever young they will be
When they imagine you through my eyes and see

 -- Submitted by Sarah Wood-Bradford from Marrero, LA
e-mail: SarahBigT@aol.com


Dream walker beguiled by night,
As through the mist she glides,
Like gossamer sails billowing
Before the rising tide,
In darkened sky shimmering stars,
Are pin holes in a veil,
Shutting out the night time sun
Whose light cannot reveal,
The beauty of one who walks
A pathway left unreal.



Faerie Queens who dance at night,
Have but a moment before the light
Reveals their magic ways,
Leaving silent misty days.

E'n so they dance each eve,
For those who will believe
In sprites who fly on gossamer wings,
Playing harps of gold with silver strings.

Faerie Queens are but true,
And quite different from me and you,
As they dance from night 'til dawn,
To music made of elfins' song.

 -- Submitted by Norman E. Rourke from Beggs, OK
e-mail: stonebluff@webzone.net


 If I could stay within my dreams
and not be forced to live in reality,
I could climb the mountains high,
touch a star and reach the sky.

 I could fly with wings unclipped,
dream in color to my heart's content,
never having to touch the ground,
claim each pearl as mine when found.

 Reality mixed with sunshine and rain
and sanity crossing over into insanity.
Some dreams fulfilled but others still,
remain in life, a bitter pill.

 In my mind, I live my dreams,
travel far and reach for stars.
Reality always pulls me back down,
placing my feet back on the ground.

 -- Submitted by Gloria Sarasin from Trinity, NC
e-mail: sara689@yahoo.com

If I blew enough bubbles...
each pregnant with a dream of mine...
would you deliver my dreams?
Or would my dreams shatter
drying pitifully on the sidewalk?

 If I wished on enough stars...
each burdened by dreams wide and far...
would you sense my dreams from above?
Or would my dreams suffocate
decaying slowly on the star?

 If I wrote enough messages...
each penned dream left in possibility..
would you decipher my dream between its lines?
Or would my dreams be twisted
by those who find it instead?

 If I...
if I one day find my way...
of letting you know...
What will you do?

 -- Submitted by Cicada Dream from Auckland, New Zealand
e-mail: kehchyn@pcombo.co.nz


 I live in a lonely cabin
with no one else around
I live near lonely trees
in a lonely ground
My life would be much better
if I had some friends
But all I have for company
is the river and its bends

 I live in a lonely cabin
I know the land by stride
I live near lonely trees
and I care for them with pride
My life keeps getting better
as I learn to get along
All the animals are playful
and the wind is full of song

 I live in a lonely cabin
it's not that bad I guess
There're no troubles on my shoulders
and I'm lightened of my stress
But just one day to talk to someone
would be really great
But as for now I'll make the best
yet still I'll hope and wait

 -- Submitted by Maria from Peachtree City, GA
e-mail: nutnbutmaria@yahoo.com


When I slip away to the garden
Imagination begins to bloom,
Caressed by the gentle breeze
The essence of a sweet perfume.

 O, that I could stay here forever
Visions and dream of creative art,
Dancing with you in garden's midst
Passion ignites within our hearts.

 Like the dew upon an Irish rose
Your essence clings to me,
Beauty of dormant deep rises
And I'm dancing in eternity!

 O, that I could stay here forever
for I never tire of loving you at all,
Raptured within your breath of heaven,
A rose, buds and blooms upon your call.

 -- Submitted by Bobbie Barnes from Jacksboro, Texas
e-mail: bobbi_rae@hotmail.com


 To try and fail
and then prevail
A loss, a win
keep on that grin
To run and fall
laughed at by all
To show your face
as the loser of a race
To stand up tall
and hear your call
Someone, somewhere
wants you to be there
To share with them
a life of grim
But you refuse
there's nothing to lose
Get on with life
and work, and strife
For what you know
will help you grow
Into a better person

 -- Submitted by Maria from Georgia
e-mail: nutnbutmaria@yahoo.com


I dream when I sleep
And my guardian angel keeps
Guard above my bed
 I daydream when I am awake
Of calm blue waters
And gentle summer breezes
And green mountainous hills
And tall dark muscular nubian men
And puffy white heavenly clouds
I think to myself that life is great
And say "Amen" outloud



Everyday we walk to our spots
Bait our hooks
Cast our lines

 Sometimes no nibble to give us hope
Don't be frustrated
Don't be discouraged, just cope
Don't feel like you're at the end of a rope

 Don't give up fishing for dreams
Persevere in life's ocean, sea, or streams

 There's the catch of a lifetime
Out there waiting for us primed
Losing faith is a crime
Reel in your dreams anytime

 -- Submitted by Monique Nicole Fox from Maryland
e-mail: mnfoxx@aol.com


He walks out onto the field, head to foot in a full body shield,
the crowd stands up and starts to cheer,
then they sit down and drink their beers.
The football player thinks to himself, then runs to his team,
that's when he wakes up from his wonderful dream.

 -- Submitted by Brent Bargerstock from Palm Beach Gardens, FL
e-mail: Xtremebiker56@aol.com


Listen, 'less you can hear the pain
Over in the corner of your mind
The Joker sees your suffering
But 'alas he does not pity
Simple views towards love
Makes him tumble with mirth
Avert your eyes and cover your ears
Hide your heart from this jester
"Cause he's always looking...
Sending decoys if he sees
A vulnerable soul

-- Submitted by Doni from Winchester, VA
e-mail: donigleaton@yahoo.com

I had a dream that everything would be perfect one day.
I had a dream that there would be no more death.
I had a dream that there would be no more crying and suffering.
I had a dream that there would be no more sorrow and pain.
I had a dream that there would be no more violence and war.
I had a dream that there would be no more hatred.
I had a dream that everyone would be treated all the same.
I had a dream that there would be no more darkness.
I had a dream that there would be no more dying.
I had a dream that there would be no more heartache.
I had a dream that there would be no more departure.
Yes, I had a dream, and my dream came true...because I am in heaven.

-- Submitted by Allison from Kenly
e-mail: sweet_ally24@hotmail.com


 My feather pen too light to stay
do not insist on flying away.
We together might each stray
and thoughts on paper fade away.
Each year I live more time slips away,
more work I give more hope gives away.
If we float sentimental together
not even reason can take us away
from a sensible breeze we're use to weather.
Not before reason drips away.
I hate to breathe against a feather.
I also hate to be pushed away.
If only we were kept together
the rest would come right away.
The inspriation and dedictaion would eat
stagnation fast away. If I could hold on
to my feather pen, if it would be strong
enthusiastic, and still. I'd write until
my mind was bare and my heart finally content.
Then someday you might be called great,
my flying feather pen.

 -- Submitted by Samara Bouie from Sarasota, Florida
e-mail: charletha@hotmail.com




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