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Editor's Pick:

 Two snowflakes met within a cloud
In mists of winter's space
He, a flake of icy white
And she, a star of lace

 The cloud was heavy, winds were strong
In dark mid-winter night
Then both held hands and tried to
Stay together in the flight

 Then tumbling down they lost their grip
He kept in sight her face
He said, I'll find you on the ground,
My crystal star of lace

 In dawning hour the sun arose
The flake looked near and far
Rising with each whispering wisp
To find his crystal star

 And there she was, lit by the sun
So delicate and clear
Among the millions, only one
He wanted to be near

 Then children came outside to play
To build a man of snow
She said this is the end for us
For I have got to go

 They wrapped her in a ball of snow
Which then became a face
She sparkled in the morning light
This crystal star of lace

 He too was packed into the cheek
And both remained for days
She said what will become of us
In sun's now warming rays

 He said the sun will melt us both
And to the ground we'll fall
But I will not forget your face,
The brightest star of all

 I'll follow you to nearby streams
And into rivers flow
I'll follow you into the sea
Wherever you may go

 One day we'll rise together in
the haze of summer heat
And somewhere in a cloud of white
The two of us will meet

 The winds will send us onward
To the place of winter storm
You'll form into a crystal star
With frozen heart so warm

 Above the January earth
In gatherings of mist
I'll find you there, my star of lace
Just waiting to be kissed

 -- Submitted by Elizabeth Santos from Pottstown, PA


Silent are the berry bogs
Dark, the fragrant room
Groggy are the nighttime frogs
Soft, the crescent moon

 Silent is your voice tonight
Sparkling are your eyes
Billowing, the harbor mist
Clouding mystic skies

 Joyful is my sleeplessness
Memorizing time
Moments of enchanting bliss
Gathered in my mind

 Let my lover's slumber drift
Into a dawning beam
Soft purples of the haze will lift
The blanket from his dream

 Silent is my tranquil breath
Still, my waiting heart
Soft my head upon his breast
That murmurs in the dark

 Cool, the breeze from window's space
Pure, the hour of bliss
Wet, the lips that now awake
The fire in his kiss

 Never has the spirit been to
Places such as this
Exquisite is the free fall into
Passion's sweet abyss

-- Submitted by Elizabeth Santos
from Pottstown, PA



 I've heard that when you love someone
And they don't love you back
it hurts deep down inside
but you eventually bounce back
Why was it then when I found out
that no one loved me too
did I feel no pain at all
just a question resting on my mind
If not me then who?

 -- Submitted by Bridget from Ilinois



 They are beautiful for my eyes to behold.
They are majestic as they fly across my soul.
Mountains can tumble down to the shore.
Rivers can flow forevermore.
Angels can wander till at death's door.
They can't love you with a love untold.
They can't promise forever to hold.
Angels can sings sweet lullabyes.
Angels can dry the tears from your eyes.
Angels can't feel love in their hearts.
This is the reason Angel's love never starts.
So beautiful are they to all human eyes,
Yet so empty inside unlike heavenly skies.
That's the trouble with angels!
That's the trouble so blue.
That's the trouble with angels.
That's why God sent me you!

 Sybil Shearin (C) 2002

 -- Submitted by Sybil Shearin
from Wingate, North Carolina



 You ask me why I love you
My love, I'll try to tell you
It's the breath of life you've given me
It's the smile when I smell you

 It's the blueness of your eyes
It's the way you say you care
It's the way my soul is incomplete
Whenever you're not there

 It's the way you hold my hand
The way you look into my eyes
The way you capture my attention
The way you strip me of disguise

 It's the way you make me feel complete
The way you make my smile laugh
And how so naturally you make me see
You're my other half

 -- Submitted by Raquel Elizabeth Schmidt
from Rice, MN



 Is there anything that you don't do?
Is there anything that you don't say
That doesn't take my breath away?
The way you laugh
And the way you cry
It fills me up so deep inside
The way you smile
The way you care
It fills me up everywhere
From your gentle touch
from the hands that I hold
To your subtle laugh
from the jokes that I told.
The way you're afraid when I go away.
The way you ask me if everything's okay.
All I do is think about
the things I'd like to say
But I can never tell you
Because everything you do,
and everything you say
takes my breath away

 -- Submitted by Rod from
Guelph, Ontario, Canada



 Whispers of beauty dance
within my heart
as the song of passion
celebrates in my soul.
Opening my eyes I surrender
to you
for your touch of freedom
stirs in my spirit.
Lift me to the sky
let me grab the stars
and hold onto the night.
You are my eternity
and the world kneels
before us!

 -- Submitted by Rebecca Longo
from Gainesville, FL



Love is a fragile frower standing tall
against tornadoes of hate and seas of
discouragement. Love is a gentle breeze
against your face. It's a cool stream of
emotions flowing down the rocks of life.
Love is a warm blanket on a cold winter's
night. It's a feeling of be secure and safe.
Love is what makes the world a worthwhile place.
It's like the old saying goes
its better to love and lost
than to never have loved at all.

 -- Submitted by Ross Hope
from Chattanooga, TN



 Birdsong on the morning of
The first warm day of spring,
Skillful fingers playing
Along a guitar string,
The tinkle of a babbling brook
As sunlight makes it glisten,
All these things were there for me
But I forgot to listen.

 The mirror of a mountain lake
Reflecting snowy peaks,
A playful child's impish grin
Between two rosy cheeks,
The orange glow of the setting sun
Sad to see it leaving,
There I was with open eyes
Seeing, not believing.

 Aroma from a bakery
After a fresh batch,
Butter fried with onions
To cook the morning's catch,
A woman wearing fine perfume
And all that can entail
Persuing my olfactories
But I did not inhale.

 The feather touch of a caress
Drawn across the skin,
Filling up a steaming bath
And slowly sinking in,
The warmth of a new friendship as
It forms a special bond,
These were reaching out to me
But I did not respond.

 The boldness of a red Merlot
Dancing on the tongue,
An appertif of coffee
When the meal is done,
And every flavor in between
All so stimulating,
Filling my requirements
Filling, but not sating.

 So being numb to stimuli
Both from within and out,
So blind and deaf and deadened
To what life is about
Had put me in a "comfort zone"
And left me near defenseless
When a gentle, strong reminder
Brought me to my senses.

 -- Submitted by Rick Bischoff
from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada





 Touched by her lover's gentle caresses,
Though always distant from his regal place
And away from the affection he expresses,
She still shines with his strength and grace.

 Fate had so decreed that their relation
Be one where the twain shall never meet
And despite their mutual love and adoration
In separate, distant quarters, they sleep.

 As he rises, refreshed, for the daily work
She retires from the work already done
And the cycle never changes, a cruel quirk
That forbids them from becoming one.

 And her silent cry shall go on forever
As she has done so from the very start.
She hides her pain knowing she'll never
Hold him close to her aching heart. 

-- Submitted by Vic Fenton
from Empangeni, South Africa



On this our Wedding Day,
I bring to My Beloved:
The warmth of summer's sun,
the moon and stars above

 The morning and the noon,
a sunset veiled in gold
A treasure chest of dreams,
blessed memories to hold

 The laughter of a brook,
a vintage ripe to eat
The perfume of a rose...
I lay before thy feet

 To woo thy heart with song--
the ballad of a dove
Above our pillowed slumber
to rhymes of cherished love

 In sickness and in health,
I pledge with heart so true
The gift of each tomorrow
where love begins anew

 In vows taken reverently
and sealed with Heaven's kiss
We're destined to foreverness
of matrimonial bliss.

© 2002

 -- Submitted by MaLady from Augusta, GA


You And Me
You stand there.
Why do you stand there?
Talk to me while you stand there.
Be with me while you stand there.
And most of all.
Love me while you stand there.

-- Submitted by Tania Holly Arakelian
from La Verne, CA



 I sit alone
Await the hour
My love has grown
I've shown its' power

 A night of love,
A night of hugs,
A kiss from an angel,
That appeared from above

 To be or not to be,
Is that the question
I never knew love,
Until you taught me the lesson,

 For if we part,
You'll know not long,
I miss you now,
And your're in my arms,

 -- Submitted by Kenneth Grant
from Columbia, MD



A life unusually optimistic
Good things recalled not the bad
The powerful impressions
of negative situations
Usually recalled as the norm.

  Seems like a usual pattern
Breaking things down overanalyzing
I might want to finally spend
More time on the simplistic side.

 Even on the bad days
Breaking things down coolly
You always seem to know so tenderly
The right things to recall and find.

 Hot and heavy positive emotions
I'll give you more than everything in kind
The critical things,
the important things
I'll embrace you for
as long as eternity will find.

 Love needs no verbal reply
In detailed retrospect, I find
The right things to say remain unsaid
All I need is your sweet
imagery in my mind.

 ©D.S. 2002

 -- Submitted by David Soriano
from Bradford, PA


People ask me what I think
of Heaven and I say
I'm not too sure
I know it's pure
and better than today

 But since you've come into my life
I'm wanting something new
The love that has designed my soul
is beautiful with you

 And sunsets, although pink
have filled my soul again
My dreams have found serenity
My love - where have you been?

 Your smile fills my mind
Your voice, it stills my heart
And so to explain it,
I don't know where to start

 So my answer to their question..
My heaven: Love that's true.
I only smile,
Cuz all the while,
I know, my Love, it's you.

 -- Submitted by Raquel Elizabeth Schmidt
from Rice, MN


With a voice so sweet
and words so tender
You sing me a song
that I'll always remember

As I watch you sway
your shoulders so slight
Your eyes closed softly
to block out the light

I fight back the tears
as your loving words flow free
Strumming the notes that were
made just for me

I could never feel more special
I could never feel more loved
As you put me on a pedestal
And raise my heart above

Thank you for making me
see all you see
With your beautiful gift of music
That you have given to me

 -- Submitted by Kim Risuglia
from Lindenhurst, NY



 If I were a poet, I would
wrap you in my words,
Roll you off my tongue
with my soothing voice,
Meet your every desire with
the motion of my pen,
Making your heart race
every now and then;

 If I were a poet, you would
be my only passion,
My inspiration in a world that,
to me, is gone;
 If I were a poet, with you
as my one and only love,
I would lower to my knees daily
and thank the lord above;

 And if I were truly a poet, I would
swim through your deep oceans,
Speak of all the wonders I see
in the calming darkness of your eyes,
And if I could find the words to
describe my feelings for you,
I could tell of the way my passion
strongly flows - so true.

 -- Submitted by Erica Simpson
from Martinsville, IN




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