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A dog has the soul of a philosopher.
-- Plato


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Poems about Dogs and Cats
   Photo by Brian Lee

Editor's Pick:

Can't find God in the usual places ...
churches, books or preachers' faces?
Keep on searching and don't give up,
You may just find Him in the eyes of a pup.

-- Submitted by Richard Call
from Longwood, Florida

Let's help that dog out in the cold,
he's brave and bold, but fast losing hold,
Hell! What does it matter?
One dog less, all the better!
For only we are blessed.

We've got other things to do,
don't you agree? Oh! I do,
and he's nothing but trouble,
So, who for him would lose that ruble?

But, you're' all scientists!
you know the value of the neutron
and that of a gene. Nature you know
can be sweet or mean, how then,
do you underestimate the value of him?

He's part of nature. He was happy,
and we've damaged his home.
He's part of nature. He was happy,
and we've chewed on him,
right down to his bone.
Now don't you see nature torn?

She will repair and in doing so,
for us she won't care,
For fear of nature at least, give him a day,
then you'll see our survival ensured,
in a grand, grand way!

-- Submitted by Abhishek Nayak from Bangalore, Karnataka, India


Dane Street's queen
is on her throne
She much prefers
it on her own
Unless of course
you've come to rub
Or brush, or coo,
or offer grub

Then Blanche unleashes
all her charms
And twirls and curls
and so disarms
Whoever's offering
the goods
That we forget
her many moods:

The early hisses
swipes and scratches
Head-butts, nips,
white fur in patches
down the stairs
The spirit-cat
of icy glares

catch off guard
And mediations
can come hard
But would we shed
our cat of snow?
Not for a million
Heavens, no!

-- Submitted by Kathleen Mortensen
from Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

For a thousand years
it's just the same
Cats have the wit
and dogs have the game

The dog goes for a bite
and hits the door
The cat meows
and scurries down the floor

A horrendous fight
not for eyes to see
The dog's on the ground
the cat's in the tree

The cat fakes peace
and before you know
The cat makes a jump
and the dog's ready to go

They both wind up
with cuts and bruises
But who's the winner
Neither loses

A tie it is
a tie it must be
So that is why
this goes on for eternity

-- Submitted by Maria from Peachtree City, Georgia


I think I'll go inside now.
Would you like to come?
The winter's sun is setting low.
Inside I'm brewing tea,
Would you care for some?
We will stoke the fire and press our flesh
Against the flames' warm glow.
There's no reason our talk should end,
We'll ignore the season's early dusk
For inside there is plenty left to do
Before our beds do beckon us.

Now at this moment, memories call
With all their factors here.
The weary way we favor our
Muscled limbs from head to toe
Gives pause to long past deeds undone
And those we cherish most.
Remember when with youthful step
The rabbit could not us out run?
We hunted him in spring's fresh breeze
Through summer's endless heat, then
We watched the birds in futile flight
Avoiding winter's certain approach
Heading for the southern light.

 Well now, old friend,
We hug before the fire.
In the flames we see ourselves
The way we used to be.
Don't take me wrong,
I love you still.
I most certainly always will.
You've been my best friend
Through all these years,
No need for it to end.
Lick me now, my old dog,
The way you always do
When we celebrate good news
With joyful celebration,
Shaking all over with reckless abandon.

Ahhh, enough of this, but it's been fun.
It's time for your evening bowl.
You must be hungry by now,
We will eat our meal
And rest our traveled bones
And shun the evening's void
To rise tomorrow morn
The way we always have
With truthful hearts and renewed strength
That life is good to friends.

-- Submitted by E.E.Biller from New Castle, PA


Her eyes are like diamonds that are shiny and bright
Her hair is so soft and black as the night
Her legs are long and her body is slender
When you hold her close she is warm and tender

Hiding amongst the shadows so tall
Looking much closer she's not there at all
Always in trouble with her curious way
She stays out all night and sleeps in all day

Creeps into your room and sits up on your bed
Gives gentle kisses on your nose and your head
Always expects you to open the door
There isn't a sound as she walks on the floor

She will not come over when you call
Walks straight past as if you're not there at all
If you want to work she wants to play
Doesn't care if you forget her birthday

Is she your wife or is she your lover
Is she a friend or is she your mother
She is none of those things I can tell you that
This beautiful creature is only the cat

-- Submitted by Virginia Gronow from Australia


 I saw your form, dear dying cat
On a winter's night unsnowing
Lying there across my path.
I rushed from my car unknowing
Of when you'd met with the fatal blow
That left you lying still.
Whether 'twas swift or painfully slow,
Your dying took not your will
For crouching beside you, I saw you respire
And chose to pick you up.
I desperately hoped you wouldn't expire
As your head I did gently cup.

 I searched for one who would surely miss
Affections you must have shown,
And I felt somehow I'd be remiss
To let you die alone.
So door to door I nearly ran,
But nobody gave a care.
Your eyes I frequently would scan
To see the light still there.
But then as I was cradling you,
You breathed your final breath.
I sensed your soul release. It flew,
And I was holding death.

 Oh, could you tell, dear dying cat,
Before your soul did pass,
I cared? I quietly grieved, and with that,
I placed your corpse on the grass.

 -- Submitted by Andrea Dietrich from Pleasant Grove, Utah


He was standing on the corner,
Cold and all alone.
Shiverring from the weather,
Then I thought I heard a moan.

I walked a little closer,
His confidence to win.
If I hadn't known any better,
I'd thought I saw him grin.

Come here, let me see you.
You will be just fine.
Come walk along with me.
I'll take you home to dine.

We'll dry you up and clean you.
And put you near the fire.
I'll try to find your family.
If that is your desire.

What? You have none?
You've been alone too long?
Well, then I will just keep you here.
And help you grow real strong.

My, but you are beautiful.
Your white hair glistens now.
I am so glad I found you.
Can you speak? "Bow Wow!"

My white Samoyed.
Faithful and true.
A home you have found.
I am just as lucky as you.

-- Submitted by Floria Kelderhouse from New Lenox, Illinois


Like a cross between massage and warm sponge bath
That a loving mother tenderly applies
Along the calves, round knees and lower thighs.
My legs are a lake you seem content to lap.

I cannot ask what drives you to this task.
Perhaps I taste of salt, or could it be
(not some canine-tempting scent on me!)
Rather, fond show of esteem in which I bask?

My dear cat's tongue is rough and not so moist.
At time she annoys when licking at my cheek.
But you, my lovely pet, I do beseech . ..
Bathe my arms; with wet anoint my feet!

-- Submitted by Andrea Dietrich from Pleasant Grove, Utah


I see you've found your wings today...
Maybe the kitchen floor is slippery,
my little pitter patter critter.
Maybe you'll end up doing the splits
while crawling into the kittie litter;
Maybe you will learn
what it means when I say no
and shake my finger so...
My little pitter patter critter.

-- Submitted by Michelle Sdrakas
from Vancouver, B.C., Canada


Three lovely dogs we've got
As for cats we have not,
And now a new addition
To keep with tradition.

We had four dogs before
But, sadly, they're no more ...
Old age took them away,
A loss still felt today.

We don't replace a pet
As each one that we get
Is always a new friend
That's faithful to the end.

With love that never fails
Every wag of their tails
Shows us the way they feel ...
There's nothing they conceal.

So look after them well
For who can really tell
If your actions may compel
God, to send you to Hell.

-- Submitted by A V Fenton
from Empangeni, South Africa


Your eyes....
no surprise
I drown in them,
so liquid so smooth,
they move me
soothe me
draw me in and out
like breathing...

My head rests
on your chest
and rises with the air.
The hair
tickles me
and I laugh so loud,
so long, so proud
to have you...

Your tongue carresses,
messes up my hair
but I don't care,
don't mind the licks
(so sick to ask my brother),
just so long as you stay,
lie where you lay
and keep me warm...

-- Submitted by Kyle Issleb from Chicago, IL

You came forward to me,
and I took you in my arms,
Your brown and sparkling eyes,
told of wonderous charms.

My heart began to pound
enclosed in your embrace,
The look of pure adoration
showed clear upon your face.

And in your eyes, a glow, I saw,
of passions yet unleashed,
Of devotion, and undying love,
of wonders ne'er to cease.

The electric of your touch
ran straight into my heart
To feel your body close to mine,
never more we would part.

Your breath, so hot against my skin,
sent tingles down my spine,
I know, together, we will be,
until the end of time.

For I am yours, from this day on,
I commit myself to you,
each passing day we will spend,
finding treasures yet anew.

I know you will protect me
and keep me from all harm,
Your devotion to me unsurpassed,
With a love to keep me warm.

For though your coat is shaggy,
your nose wet all the time,
The one thing that I know for sure,
I love this dog of mine

 -- Submitted by Ann Dawson from Sussex, UK

You may never have heard of the Guardian Hound,
His strength or his undying care,
You may never have heard of the sharp burs of hate,
That try him, and tangle his hair.

You may never have heard of the collar of doubt,
That binds him with every stride,
Or known of the loyalty given to friends
By this most amazing canine.

You may never hear tell of the Saga of Kris,
His courageous and elegant mate,
Or the way that she runs with him under the stars,
To lick at the war-wounds of fate.

If you've heard of the hound, well, then, give me a call,
I'm trying to start a resistance,
To all of the arrogant men who insist
On debunking his very existence.

I'm sure we could prove of him, us two together,
If faithful in all that we say,
People like knowing there's somebody up there
Who still grasps the pleasures of play.

-- Submitted by Becky Adams from Grand Ledge, MI

I am an old hound dog, and a proud one a that
I sit and I howl and I growl at the cat.
It's not much of a job, but it can pass time
So I sit in my corner and make silly rhymes

I once was a hunter, a fast vicious one
I was feared and revered and loved a ton
But still, I can hunt now, so let's have a go.
I know one more prey here that never will know.

I tense all my muscles and crouch 'hind the tree
Get ready for lift off... now 1, 2, 3!
It's fun to watch the cat go flying out in the yard
And don't worry, don't fret, he won't land that hard

But his lesson he'll learn, and alert he will stay
But you know what they say, every dog has his day
Heh heh heh, yeah, I'm mean, yeah, I'm not nice
But it gives that old Tom just a little spice.

The people will scold me and tell me I'm bad
But I still can think back and think of fun I've had
Cause you see, though I'm old, and though I am tough
The sight of a Fraidey Cat, is worth it enough

-- Submitted by Amber Wolfe from Eagle River, Alaska

When my day is trying and troubles pile up
I get consolation from my loving pup.
She is always there, my companion, my friend
showing me affection with no end.

A blue film covers eyes that once were bright,
that's okay, I'll be her sight.
This unconditional love has the strength of steel
as far as I'm concerned I got the best of the deal.

On a cold winter night she keeps me warm and secure
and when I think she gives so much, she keeps on giving more.
I'd like to know if she's happy here with me,
Oh if she could talk it would be the best company.

My little furry friend is slowing down, she's growing old,
as I hold her near my heart, there are memories untold.
I feel that little heartbeat, as she licks my face I beam,
how she relies on me, I'm the coffee she's the cream.

There are friends and friends, yet not one has known me best,
for my little furry friend has outdone all the rest.
So I rest my case, I've bragged a lot I know,
just want to tell you 'bout my dog and why I love her so.

-- Submitted by Lucille DeMarco from Yonkers, New York


You're such a little fraidy cat,
Jumping at every little noise like that.
You disappear from my side at a child's cry outside,
Every little sound makes you want to run and hide.

I wonder what kind of life you had,
Before I saw you makes me sad.
You find a dark corner and there you stay,
Hoping the bad sounds will all go away.

Let me hold you, dear little one, and stroke your fur,
And hear your happy little purr.
Allow me to give you a lot of love and affection,
I promise, sweet cat, there will be no more rejection

Trust me, Sweete Pie, it will be okay,
I will make those bad sounds go away.
In my arms you will always be safe,
And no longer be a scared little waif.

-- Submitted by Nora J. Dennis from Phoenix, Arizona


The day they brought you home I remember so well,
My life went from calm, quiet, to a living hell,
The first day you slept while it was still daylight so bright,
When it turned dark then you cried the whole damn night.

I got up to see what all the fuss and crying was all about,
But they closed the door and for some reason they kept me out,
The days turned to months and you finally calmed down,
It became more tolerable to have you around.

Then one day while lying on the floor you started to crawl,
You got a big kick out of pestering me and chasing me down the hall,
Then to my amazement you stood up like I do when I beg,
You walked from the couch and wobbled and fell on my leg

It went steadily down hill from for me having you there,
Like a flea you seemed to always be in my hair,
I put up with you and stayed out of your way,
But things changed suddenly that one memorable day

You played a dirty trick on me and gave me a hug and said I love you,
That is the one thing i never expected you would ever do,
From that day on we were the very best of friends,
I would look forward to each day together we would spend

I watched you go off to school as you got on the bus,
I didn't like you gone but I know that you must,
But every day when you got home we ran and we played,
Always with you no matter what I always stayed

I remember the day you got so very sick and almost died,
I wanted so bad to be there close by you side,
I stuck by you no matter what happened the good and the bad,
Through the happy times and even when things were very sad

The years passed like a flash and one day I was old,
One morning as I lay there by your bed I felt so cold,
You ran to your dad and said come dad something is wrong,
He came in and with a tear in his eye said he doesn't have long

You held my head and cried as lay there dying, my head on your arm,
Though I was dying I never felt so safe, loved and so warm,
Then my eyes dimmed and I heard you sobbing and felt the tears fall,
The last thing I remember is that little boy chasing me down the hall

You don't know it, but I still look down on you after all these many years,
And when someone mentions my name I see in your eyes a little tear,
It is nice to know that you hold fond memories of us still,
We loved each other and in our hearts we always will.

-- Submitted by Dwight Millsap from Glenwood, Iowa


It's something few can understand
another secret of the soul
an ounce of love to "Man's Best Friend"
can make a persons life seem whole

Each day their lives are filled with joy
as they jog among the trees
she's there to lead them on their way
their time to feel at ease

They give their trust completely
they ask for but a touch
and when she needs some comfort
they give her twice as much

They do not judge the way you look
or the status you command
they know the greatness of their friend
by the touch of her loving hand

These two would give up anything
for this lady they call friend
never would they turn away
together to the end

-- Submitted by Jim Serviolo from San Diego, CA


Basking in the glow of the golden globe that sits above the world,
he enjoys each minute of this day, and allows himself to purr.
He lays stretched out without a single solitary care,
and only relies on what he knows, which is that his food and owner
(his most prized possessions) will surely be there.

For him, his gray fur and his emerald green eyes only make up a cat,
and his life is so much simpler then mine.
For all he has to do is lay and stare at the sky,
and all he ever has to think about is me, myself, and I.

-- Submitted by Andrea Green from Aurora, CO



Sylvester sneaked behind the couch,
and settled in an impish crouch;
to catch my neighbor unaware,
and nip an ankle, soft and bare.

Now Agnus had a fear of cats,
she counted them the same as rats;
but this quaint fact I did not know,
until Sylvester made it so.

A nip is nothing new to me,
at lunch time I get two or three;
and if lunch comes a little late,
I sometimes get from six to eight.

Photo by Nick Sharrer   

But nips were nothing Agnus knew,
it's something flowers never do;
and even pictures on her walls,
were void of teeth, or claws, or paws.

I thought my cat was rather shy,
he'd run and hide when folks said "hi";
so why should I have spent the labor,
to mention him to my new neighbor?

At any rate, as she came in,
Sylvester waited in the den;
and did not make a peep or sound,
to let us know he was around.

"So glad you came," I just had said,
when Agnus froze my mind with dread;
her eyelids drew so gaping wide,
the lashes wound around inside.

Her face seemed carved from whitish marble,
and from her throat there rose a warble;
but this brief pose was soon enhanced,
as prancing feet both kicked and danced.

About this time I made a quester,
and near her feet espied Sylvester;
he stood aghast with whiskers quaking,
his bristled fur about him shaking.

A piercing scream was then too much,
Sylvester could not cope with such;
he circled twice around the room,
which made my neighbor's hairdo bloom.

Upon the couch she sprang with fright,
my cat still fixed within her sight;
then zoomed into the air with fear,
and clasped onto my chandelier.

Somehow we managed to survive,
each one escaping still alive;
and though my cat still sneaks some nips,
when Agnus comes, he shuts his lips.

-- Submitted by Timothy R. Oesch from Oak Ridge, TN




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