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 The soul is healed by being with children.
-- Feodor Dostoevski



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Nursery RhymesEditor's Pick:

A little lost princess was wandering through
Fields of white daisies and lavender blue
Tearfully searching for someone she knew
Among yellow buttercups dotted with dew

A sweet lullaby interrupted her search
A dove cooed so softly to her from his perch
A white mourning dove on a white branch of birch
A tree with a dove near the small village church

  The two entered slowly the old church of white
The princess knelt down in the dim chapel light
Please, God, take me back to my castle tonight
For I am alone here and trembling with fright

The dove flew beside her and beckoned her on
He led her through forests, past speckled brown fawn
Through verdant green valleys, they traveled til dawn
A white dove who cooed and a princess who yawned

High up on a hill stood a castle of stone
Too tired was the princess to climb all alone
The dove spread her wings and in moments had flown
The little lost princess to the great castle home

Soldiers stand guard round the princess to keep
Silence and comfort to put her to sleep
The king sits beside her, as dawn's shadows creep
And kisses the cheek of his little Bo-Peep

He closes the book now, for this is the time
To finish the fairy tale story of rhyme
From an old nearby chapel the vesper bells chime
And up to her castle the princess must climb

The soldiers are tall wooden posts of your bed
The castle's a pillow of down for your head
The king is your Daddy who's lovingly read
A tale of a princess for his sleepy head

The mourning doves greet you each day with a trill
And will coo you a melody perched on the sill
So sleep well, my princess, high up on a hill
May all that you wish for be granted at will

(Keep dreaming the dreams in the ink of a quill)

-- Submitted by Elizabeth Santos from Pottstown, PA



Editor's Pick:

A dimpled chin, and a silly grin,
A sticky hug and a pocketful of bugs.
Dirty clothes and a bloody nose,
That's what little boys are made of.

A held back tear and a teddy bear,
A dislike for math and a reluctant bath,
A skinned knee, and a sting from a bee,
That's what little boys are made of.

A bunch of toy cars, old bruises and scars,
kites on strings, and flowers to bring
To a mother, a grandma, a teacher or friend,
That's what little boys are made of.

A knocked out tooth and only half the truth,
A bat and a ball, and handprints on the wall,
A basketful of heartaches, but a heart full of joys,
so give them a hug, and let the boys be boys
because...that's what little boys are made of.

-- Submitted by Margaret R. Morgan-Monges from Baltimore, MD


Set aside from the world its' self,
like an unplayed with toy sitting on your shelf,
Above the darkened waters,
hidden behind the boats,
you cannot see the dock,
so it looks like it floats.

The clock hits 12,
and every fairy, monster, and elf around,
comes to this tavern on the outside of town.
They party and dance, and laugh and prance.
Then the sun comes up, and everyone leaves,

Want to join in, in all the fantasy fun?
Sit where the mushrooms grow, cross your toes,
close your eyes, and smell a rose.
Turn into a pixie just for tonight,
so you may join in and get there by flight.

-- Submitted by Jordan from Katy, TX


The sun was a lemon drop, catching my eye
Gleaming a twinkle in butterscotch sky
And white candy cotton just floated on by
That's just how it was, and I never would lie

 The mountains were cupcakes, with icing-capped peaks
We stopped and just nibbled away there for weeks
Where a soda pop river meanders and leaks
Right into a lake they call, "Come Take a Peek"

 The lake was well stocked with those red Swedish fish
You could rent Necco wafers, the flavor you wish
And row out on this saucer, a sweet fishing dish
And catch red Swedish fish that were simply delish

 The night sky was covered with dark chocolate bars
Sprinkled with sugary crystally stars
I remember it well, and everything's true
If you don't believe, I feel sorry for you

 It sounds like a fantasy stretched a bit far
But that's the way daydreams of childhood are
If you look out the window, you'll see it's no lie
There's a lemony sun in a butterscotch sky

 -- Submitted by Elizabeth Santos from Pottstown, PA


The night before Christmas, I rushed through the house
Not a creature was stirring, except me, a mouse
I will not gnaw the stockings, I'll do as I should
Because Santa is coming, I want to be good

 I'll have to admit that it's been a rough year
But Santa Claus just counts the last part, I hear
I won't leave an ornament ragged and torn
Or the little one's blankie so soft and so warm

 For I'm on a mission, that nobody knows
And I've got to get going before Santa Clause shows
He will be here real soon and I've got to help out
Because Christmas is coming without any doubt

 The children are nestled, the presents are wrapped
I snuck right by a mouse trap and almost got zapped
Heading straight for the fireplace, for only I knew
That someone's forgotten to open the flue

 There wasn't much time, only minutes to go
I heard jingling of sleigh bells outside in the snow
I could just vision Santa come down through the spout
And get stuck in a chimney and never get out

 I saw the whole problem but I never knew
How a little mouse ever could open a flue
I jumped up on the chain and I gave a big tug
And then somersaulted back onto the rug

 I tried it again but this time with a swing
But nothing would budge and the flue wouldn't fling
I had to save Santa and rescue the boys
Who'd be left Christmas morning without any toys

 I thought back on all the bad things I had done
Making Grandmother scream, I was just having fun
I made nests of her sewing box, sawdust from wood
But now it is Christmas and now I am good

 I could hear the sleigh flying high over the house
It was this time or never to prove I'm a mouse
So I filled every stocking with plenty of weight
And carried each one over fireplace grate

 Then with teeth and with claws I did my magic trick
Tied each stocking to chain in a way they would stick
But the flue was still closed and now Santa was here
With the sliding of runners and the prancing of deer

 I looked up the chimney and tried hard to speak
But all that came out was a crackly squeak
Old Santa was laughing up there on the roof
With no time to warn him, no signal, no proof

 Of the danger he faced that he didn't perceive
That a flue was about to wreck his Christmas Eve
So he started on down and chimney shook
And a little gray mouse now was covered with soot

 But heavy vibrations were shaking the ground
The flue popped on open, the stockings fell down
I hid in a corner as I usually do
But he knew it was I who had opened the flue

 He left lots of presents, and a nice piece of cheese
For he knew that a little mouse saved Christmas Eve
Then laying a finger aside of his nose
He wrote out a letter in very fine prose

 Explaining a little mouse rescued the night
And since then I've been treated so perfectly right
The next time you hear little mice running loose
Just put out some cheese and we'll call it a truce

 To those who may not such a story believe
Let me tell you a secret about Christmas Eve
The cookies and milk that you leave in the house
Are not eaten by Santa, but left for a mouse

 -- Submitted by Elizabeth Santos from Pottstown, PA

(written for my grandchildren)

 Spiders spin webs in corners,
Hummingbirds hover mid-air,
Bees like flowers, but I like showers
And my cuddly Teddy Bear.

 My cookies and milk are sitting on silk,
and my bed is shaped like a moon,
My little brown dog is best friends with a frog,
and my room is filled with balloons.

 Whistle a tune in the morning,
Whistle a tune at night,
Whistle a tune in the afternoon
While the wind is flying my kite.

 Strawberry lemonade, berries in bowls,
Animal crackers and tea,
All my friends are invited in,
To share this feast with me.

 I am five years old, you see,
My friend is four and a half,
I'm older than she, but she's bigger than me,
and all we do is laugh.

 I had a little kittly,
I loved her very much.
She ran away, the other day,
and I miss my kitty's touch.

 I have a little cousin,
Mickey is his name,
I haven't seen him in a while,
But I love him just the same.

 My top front teeth are missing,
There's a space where they used to be,
But I don't care because, wherever I go,
The others go with me.

 Jellybeans and popcorn
are my favorite treats,
I eat all I can when they're in my hands,
But not when they fall at my feet.

 My bellybutton sits right
in the middle of my tummy,
It's there because I used to be,
connected to my mommy.

 Bubblegum is nice to chew,
I like the way it tastes,
But when my bubbles pop,
It sticks all over my face.

 I love to visit my grandparents' house,
And they love having me there,
I wish I could stay, and play all day,
They are such a wonderful pair.

 Girls and boys should not make noise
When the baby is asleep,
They must quietly play with each other,
Without making a peep.

 -- Submitted by Margaret R. Morgan-Monges from Baltimore, MD


A pretty song and a beautiful smile,
Hugs and kisses that beguile,
A teaparty that may last a while,
That's what little girls are made of.

 Baby dolls dressed in their best
Teddy bears who are permanent guests,
Private treasures in a little chest.
That's what little girls are made of.

 Playing "dress up" with a friend,
Her greatest joy is to pretend,
Questions that never seem to end.
That's what little girls are made of.

 Bubble baths and ribbons for her hair,
Giggling time, and secrets to share,
Plenty of clothes, but nothing to wear.
That's what little girls are made of.

 -- Submitted by Margaret R. Morgan-Monges from Baltimore, MD


 On a clear and silvery night like this
The sky is filled with a fishernan's wish
A million fish in the heaven's blue
To be caught by a fisherman just like you

 Sail up to the black of the nightime sea
And caste your fisherman's net for me
So bright are the sparkling stars at night
So beautiful the twinkling heavenly light

 Your blanket is a fine woven fabric of gold
A bounty of fish your net will hold
It's very easy to grab a star
That swims in the calm where the sea fish are

 So fill up your net with the silver fish
Each fish is a star-lit mother's kiss
Look up at the fish in the night time sea
And tell me how many kisses you see

 May you always know there's a net to pull
For your whole life through, there's a heart that's full
A little one never could count that high
So vaste is the love in the evening sky

 Look up to the stars on a night like this
The sky is filled with a fisherman's wish
My love for you, you will never forget
Good night, sweet one, with a golden net

 -- Submitted by Elizabeth Santos from Pottstown, PA


When I leave this little body
Then I shall feel no pain
And no one will ever pinch me
To make me cry again

I'll shimmer like a dragonfly
With shiny rainbow wings
And sprinkle magic fairy dust
To usher in the spring

I'll never have to eat or sleep
Nor even have to walk
Just whisper into children's ears
The kindest little thoughts

So never be afraid to die
Nor cry for someone else
For they may be a fairy
Or you may soon be one yourself

A thousand little fairy folk
May dance upon a pin
But I would rather watch you sleep
Than play with all of them

-- Submitted by Lisa G. Leming from Bremerton, WA


 A skiff came to land on the edge of a strand
In a place of smooth waters and white sifted sand
A shovel and bucket were left on the shore
By a boy in the boat on the strand who was four

 A twosome of crabs in a bucket of blue
Til the boy in the skiff got a whiff of the two
And he ran toward the bucket to grab at a crab
But they walked away sideways and never were nabbed

 A boy and a bucket alone on a beach
Two quick crawling crabs just beyond finger's reach
Then a voice echoed out from the skiff on the strand
Watch out that a crab doesn't nab at your hand!

 A bucket, a shovel, a ton of smooth sand
A little boy mind and a curious hand
He'll avoid getting nabbed by a crab that's alive
And the knaw of a claw until Daddy arrives

 -- Submitted by Elizabeth Santos from Pottstown, PA


I wanna be a kooky kangeroo
And jump big circles all over the zoo.
I'd wear a big pocket on my body too.
I wanna be a kooky kangeroo.

I wanna be a dolphin so cool,
Having lots of fun swimming in my school
The smartest of all animals, the ocean as my pool.
I wanna be a dolphin so cool.

I wanna be a cute kitty cat,
Sleeping all day getting happy and fat.
Adored as the queen of my little habitat
I wanna be cute kitty cat.

I wanna be a parrot so bright,
showing off my plumage, ascending into flight.
I'd chatter with the cheetah in the jungle all night.
I wanna be a parrot so bright.

I wanna be a little playful dog.
No, I don't wanna be a lizard or a frog.
The comforts of home beat living on a log.
I wanna be a little playful dog.

So, tell me little one, what you would like to be.
There's so many animals on land, in sky and sea.
Would you live on a farm, in a swamp, or in a tree?
What kind of animal do you wanna be?

-- Submitted by Andrea Dietrich from Pleasant Grove, Utah


Wheels on the track,
This is the way
They begin on the track.

Over the track,
Faster and faster
The rhythm of the track.

Riding in front,
Riding in back,
Everyone hears
The rhythm of the track:

Clickety-clack, clickety-clack,
Clickety, clickety,

-- Submitted by Carol Merolla from Johnston, Rhode Island


Here comes the band.
The finest in the land.
The banners fly, and up goes a cheer,
What a wonderful day to be here!

Heads held up high,
The people come marching by,
The leader twirls and struts ahead
In a high, stiff hat of gold and red.

Drum, trumpet, and flute,
With boom, trill, and toot
Now fill the air with pulsing beat
To mark time for the marching feet.

Yes, it's the band,
In uniforms so grand,
Of crimson silk and golden braid-
Oh, how I love a parade!

-- Submitted by Carol Merolla from Johnston, Rhode Island


Theres a fairy at the bottom of our garden,
or so my Mummy said,
with pretty wings that sparkle bright,
and a crown upon her head.

Her eyes as bright as diamonds,
her hair as gold as sun,
her dainty feet, wet with the dew,
her laughter full of fun.

I know she watches me all day,
I know she's there at night,
I know that she looks after me
as any fairy might.

As I play in the garden,
She stays so still and calm,
making sure that I am safe,
and coming to no harm.

I have sat and stared for hours,
at the place she's meant to be,
amongst the leaves and fallen twigs,
beneath that apple tree.

Even though I've never seen her,
and never spied her glow,
I know she really lives there,
'cause my Mummy told me so.

-- Submitted by Ann Dawson from Sussex, UK


The circus is fun
With clowns, elephants,
and dancing bears.
And monkeys on bicycles
Riding up stairs.
There are tigers and lions
Out of their cages.
People on tightropes,
All different ages.
Best of all, are the clowns,
Some dancing, some prancing,
and some with frowns.

-- Submitted by Carol Merolla from Johnston, Rhode Island

Iain Colleum und Eine Breum (dedicated to Lewis Carroll)

Un eine jubjub estina dubla ve
Con eine wickety wime dippity dap
Und thait wast tha song theye sang
Frem unter tha scree eine breum
Frem ober tha forrest cum Iaian Colleum
Armund con eine brickaby und eine cound
Eine mightye althawait tha creature cum downe
Eye meine bonny kinder, thee dost un brillybrow
Eye, eye tis une ditdat, thee hast me diberfrow
Evere und evere sing thine tillersaise brey
Fur thee art une nuevo stillyae camrey

-- Submitted by Alexis Baker from Chapel Hill, NC


Little Mary Fairweather
said to the lady bug
"could you please
crawl apon that rock
and give the ant a hug"

Little Mary Fairweather
said to the hairy spider
"could you please
make the beatle's day
and just sit down beside her"

Little Mary Fairweather
said to the bumblebee
"could you please
share that blade of grass
with Mr. jumping flea"

Little Mary Fairweather
said to the butterfly
"could you please
cheer up furry moth
and tell her not to cry"

Little Mary Fairweather
said to the cricket black
" thegrasshopper would be
so pleased
if you would share your leafy snack"

Then Little Mary Fairweather
would sing a happy song
to cheer up all
the little bugs
and help them get along.

-- Submitted by Linda Moan from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada


We are swimming happily
We little fishes of the sea
What in the ocean would I do
If not for children of the blue?

Is it really all my fault
If the sea is full of salt?
And are the pretty clouds to blame
Just because they're full of rain?

My feet are sore and bleeding too
Because I dance to stay in tune
It is the pull of gravity
Which makes me change eternally

It's hard enough to stay in tune
When you're the daughter of the moon
How could I stand the ebb and tide
Without my babies by my side

-- Submitted by Lisa G. Leming from San Diego, CA


It's trucks and it's tractors
Kittens and dogs
Flittering butterflies
Snowflakes and frogs

It's mud and it's puddles
It's baseballs and bugs
Peanut butter kisses
And Teddy bear hugs

A picture book story
A little lost shoe
A kiss and a hug
And then Winne the Pooh

A world made of moments
A heart made of love
Two eyes that are made
Of the blue from above

The face of an angel
The mind of a child
The trust of a little one
Tender and mild

He's everything precious
The moon and the sun
The gold of the earth
And the hearts he has won

He steps out of babyhood
Into a boy
And with it he thrills us
With laughter and joy

What shall we say to this
Little Boy Blue?
We'll say Happy Birthday
Today he is TWO!



Looking into mirrors,
There are lots of things to see
And every time I look, I'm in there
Looking back at me!

There's a mirror in my mommy's room
A mirror in the hall
And I keep running back and forth
So I can see it all

I gaze into one mirror
But don't stay there very long
'Cause I'm in the other mirror, too
I've been there all along

I stand up really close to me
And look me in the eye
I can almost hug myself
If I really, really try

I run back to the other mirror
Trying hard to cling
But then I hurry back again
So I won't miss a thing!

I'm here, I'm there, I'm everywhere
Loving what I see
I can't get enough of mirrors
'Cause I love to look at me!

-- Submitted by Elizabeth Santos from Pottstown, PA


Teddy bear
Don't go away
Hold me in your arms
Every waking day
Tell me the things
that I want to hear
Tell me that you
will always be there

Tell me that your arms
will forever extend
The future that will become our past,
will be our memories
The memories that will have
an everlasting hold
The memories that I
will want to relive
Within the sky blue you behold
The beauty of me

Teddy bear
With your spiked brown hair
And your big strong claws
You hold me close
The world melts away
No worries come my way
And life is complete
When you hold me tight
My Teddy bear

-- Submitted by Patricia Rex from Tinley Park, IL


The table is set and everything's ready.
My doll can sit over there next to teddy.

I invited two others to join us for tea,
but I guess it will have to be just us three.

I'll pour the tea and you serve the cake;
this is the one that Mom helped me bake.

It's time to clean up and put things away.
I'm so glad we could all get together today.

I really enjoyed it - I hope you did too.
Having tea parties is a fun thing to do.

-- Submitted by Marian L. Longfield from Las Vegas, Nevada




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