Nature Poems

 The function of a civilization is to realize that the universe
was made for more questions than answers.
-- David Soriano


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Nature Poems and Prose

Nature Poetry

That the sky is brighter than the earth means little, unless the earth itself is appreciated and enjoyed.
-- Helen Keller

Poems About Nature

Editor's Pick:

Sometimes the sky belongs to me
And wraps me in infinity
Sometimes it turns the other way
And hides itself in clouds of gray

Some days the sun consoles my fears
And lifts the wetness of my tears
Some nights the stars and moon embrace
The sorrow written on my face

 And lay a sheet of silken weave
Upon the pillow where I grieve
When stars have nowhere else to be
Sometimes the sky belongs to me

  -- Submitted by Elizabeth Santos from Pottstown, PA

Editor's Pick:

 Like a virgin whose beauty
Can tease and entice,
So was the arbutus,
Forbidden but nice.

 She trailed her long vines
Emitting her scent
But permission to pick her,
Not given consent.

 Endangered, her species,
Protected by law,
To the plight of this flower,
My sight had a flaw.

 Embracing her beauty,
I held her up close
And drank in her fragrance
That outranked the rose.

 As guilt ran all through me,
for her roots now exposed;
With regret, I now threw her;
This flower disposed.

 I watched as she wilted,
My conscious, it pricked,
I watched her lie dying;
Guilty, the verdict.

 Trailing arbutus,
remembered so well;
No more have I seen her
Or fragrance to smell.

-- Submitted by Gloria Sarasin from Trinity, North Carolina


 The Sun
Bringer of life, majestic deity
Worthy of the praise
Of all humanity.
You inspire and daze
And make us feel free.
Always vigilant
Over your domain
Nursing every plant
Back to life again.
Creating new forms
And brightening our days
After rain and storms
With your magic rays.
Warmer of the earth
And of orbs beyond
Forger of rebirth
In the cosmic pond.
Keeper of creation
Before the world begun.
Deserver of adoration,
Our everlasting Sun.



Ever so slowly, as the sun began to wane,
Growing shadows fell on the green prairie
And Darkness rose steadily over the plain
Immersing it in feelings of gloom so dreary.

 For a time Darkness would rule supreme
And her tentacles appeared all engulfing
That nothing imaginable could redeem
The lightless land and oppressive feeling.

 But then bright specks slowly appeared
And the heavenly canopy began to alight,
Faintly at first as if they dreadfully feared
The dark and unknown power of the night.

 And as if spurred on by their valiant fight
To end Darkness' overpowering gloom
Silvery rays darted forth and subdued light
Shone as the moon rose up in full bloom.

 But this light was just a mirrored token
And Darkness felt confident she had won
And her power was only finally broken
With the rising of the bright morning sun.



Slowly, gently, multicolored blooms appear
Peppering the air with a sweet fragrance,
Ripening buds, on each a dewdrop, a tear
In which the sun's rays perform a dance.
Nature's way of showing that she can
Govern herself without the help of man.

Sunny days now bring about the heat
Unveiling her powerful force of re-birth,
Moving, with a pulsating yet gentle beat,
Man and beast and all else on Earth,
Ever forward and yet following the call
Recorded at the beginning of it all.

And then her vital force begins to weaken
Unable to sustain the original pace,
Trembling as if by some disease stricken
Unsure of its will to complete the race.
Maimed, weak, and ravaged by time
Nature still retains her dignity sublime.

When the struggle ends and all seems lost,
Into the dark realm of death Nature slips
No cry is heard, no counting of the cost,
Total silence is all that escapes her lips.
Earth, too, doesn't mourn nor does it weep
Realizing Nature isn't dead, but just asleep.

Slowly, gently, multicolored blooms appear
Peppering the air with a sweet fragrance ....

-- Submitted by A. V. Fenton from Empangeni, South Africa


A spiral shell lay on the tide-washed sands
A conch with polished marble walls
That echo not the sounds
Of a silent mollusk
But the rhythms of my heart
A cherished prize from the salty brine
A gift of beauty
A jewel to the eyes
A mystery to the mind

What creature made this exquisite palace home
With curved hallways that twist inward
To an unknown place
A place to harbor
The secret joys within me
Was it Neptune who lifted you
From the depths of the sea floor
And caused you to settle here under an April moon
To be found by someone who would worship
The perfection of your form, and keep you
As a reminder of the
Magnificence of life?

Along a vacant beach I strolled
At dawn, and found myself
Wrapped in a shell of sea colors
Just as my body harbors a soul unseen
So does this shell contain the mysteries,
The intrigue and the wonderment of life
That spiral through my mind
If we could exchange places,
Would you hold me in such reverence?
Would you ask me to tell you
The purpose of life?
If so, I would know and hold the silent answer
For I could only echo the rhythms of your heart

  -- Submitted by Elizabeth Santos from Pottstown, PA


 Like a torch of fire burning hot,
It sends its' unrelenting rays
Upon the crackled dried up earth.

 The crops all cry out for they thirst
And bow their heads as if in prayer
For just one cloud to release its' tears.

 The rivers lie silent without flow,
No splash against the rocks is heard;
Just the crackling of the clay.

 Each flower stands with bowed down head
While leaves enclose as if to hold
The precious drops of morning dew.

 Fires angry run amuck
As if revenge was what they sought
For the one who raised their ire.

 What cries of mercy must ring out
Before Mother Nature sheds her tears,
Giving drink to an earth that thirsts.

 -- Submitted by Gloria Sarasin from Trinity, North Carolina


 The shadows are long that reflect
silhouettes upon the ground
And for once, I too, stand tall
While it follows me around.

 In unison our steps keep time
And I feel we walk as one
But oh, how small I stand alone
Without the shadow from the sun.

 When in its' presence, I try to hide,
I find my efforts all in vain,
For on the ground, I see my image,
Until the sun begins to wane.

 Even though, I know you're me,
I'm not alone when you're around
For when I feel like six feet tall;
There I see you on the ground.

 -- Submitted by Gloria Sarasin from Trinity, North Carolina


 As I reached to pick a bloom,
A thorn it pricked as if in scorn;
For I had threatened its' short life
By attempting to my home adorn.

 So oft we reach for things of beauty
And thus to claim them for our own
But when we do, their spirit ravish,
Find they perish when no seeds are sown.

 Some gardens meant to view as wild
And their beauty multiply
but when we reach to cut their limbs,
We sadly kiss their life goodbye.

 Pinks and reds, yellows and blues,
Sprinkled like paint upon the meadow;
God's canvas of beauty for us to view
And thus spread their joy when allowed to grow.

  -- Submitted by Gloria Sarasin from Trinity, North Carolina


 The heavens poured their precious tears
Upon the thirsty dried baked earth.
I look to see the tiny droplets
That to the flowers gave rebirth.

 They sparkle like a precious diamond
But their worth to life is greater than
For no diamond has for us saved life
Like heaven's tears do for a man.

 I see the flowers that seem to smile
And watch the grass before me grow;
The only part of this I dread
For soon it's time again to mow.

 The boats, that on the dock, struck ground
Will now be heard as motors roar;
I know not why the heavens cried
Yet happy for their tears once more.

  -- Submitted by Gloria Sarasin from Trinity, North Carolina


 Personality changes in the past
Theories of boundary levels
I think we have already crossed
The threshold of global patience and limitation.

 Fossil fuels and greenhouse glass
Heated up and temperature rising
The atmosphere a nice warm coat
Tales of Venus and trapped radiation.

 Increase in farming
Feed the growing population
Ice caps melting in the summer sun
Short and unusually mild winters.

 Turn off the lights in four of your cars
Insulate your mansion properly
Plant a new tree and hold your breath
Don't do anything requiring energy.

 I truly feel with increasing trepidation
That the Earth we all call our home
Has changed her point of view
We are an annoying skin irritation.

 ©D.S. 2002

-- Submitted by David Soriano from Bradford, PA

I love to hear the wind whisper so soft and so
surrounding my spirit my soul and my mind
He blends with a mist
from the depths of the sea
and the two become one with nature and me
I am watching the stars
in their beauty and grace
a dazzling fire suspended in space
with the waves rolling
determined and strong
filling my heart with a heavenly song
is beckoning me
and strength in the midst of the sea

-- Submitted by LindaAnn GiffenOdgaard
from Vernon, British Columbia, Canada


 Firm footing required
To cross small rivers and streams
Shallow stream makeup
Will determine your forward speed.

 Disregard the warnings
And serious damage will happen
Virtual reality panorama
From inside a capsized arc

 Small creek overflow
Invariably from sudden flash flooding
Doppler weather indications
We better take fast cover.

 Low lying areas
Traveling people use extreme caution
Heavy rain persisting
Until the canopy is empty.

 The Biblical floods
And the coming greenhouse apocalypse
Ancient climate science
Coming back at us again.

 -- Submitted by David Soriano from Bradford, PA


 Its tranquil still and halcyon calm
Reflecting rays of blinding sun

 The fish disport in waters clear
Their rainbow hues delight us sheer

 The corals too their forms display
Fantastic shapes and colours gay

 Then clouds foreboding dense and gray
They shroud the earth from the light of day

 Its hush before the raging storm
Thence blows the gale in furious form

 The ripples turn to boiling sea
The waves surge high and creatures flee

 They foam and froth they groan and growl
Their tantrums show in ways most foul

 They smash and bash the cliff in vain
The rocks stand stiff with full disdain

 The resonance of crashing waves we hear
The sprays are like the sparks of fire

 The waters wild is a stunning sight
When calm and clear evokes delight

 Copyright ©2001 Emile S.T. Cheng

-- Submitted by Emile Cheng from Singapore


I like it
The usual sign of spring
Bird with fantail flicking upward
Flycatcher bird on schedule.

 Mosquito King
Coming back for the summer
Your home is my home
Noticed four in the nest while I'm barbecuing.

 I notice
You're working nights and weekends
No sunflower seeds desired
Only bugs accepted- super flycatcher!

 Beautiful bird
With pale eye rings and threatened brethren
You are welcome back

  -- Submitted by David Soriano from Bradford, PA


Atmospheric circulation patterns
Chances of heavy snowfall certain
Ultimate personal picture postcard
Solo frolic in the freezing fun.

 Demand for designer snowshoes
The classic winter late delivery
Frontogenesis fantasia
I'll take it as it comes.

 Scenes of the beauty blanket
Take me in your understanding grasp
I'll give you a rapid update
It's me cold Mother Nature loves.

 -- Submitted by David Soriano from Bradford, PA


 I hear the roaring of machines
As saws cut off the top of trees.
The song of birds, they now are silent;
Drowned out by noise and falling debris.

 Their encroachment upon the lines of wire;
An interference now, their limbs removed.
Nature and suburbia intertwined
With the former now reproved.

 One by one I see the way
That's made for man to build with brick.
As one by one the trees are cut;
Giving Mother Nature another kick.

 The needles falling from the pines;
Another tree that's left to bleed.
But for its' wound I feel no pain
But mourn the silence as I read.

 I now can use the telephone
But have no use I feel for pines.
Their cones that clutter up the ground
And branches tangling up the lines.

 But what crime, the mighty oak,
That for years, allowed to grow.
Must we turn them all to dust
Without their worth to ever know.

 Guilty I, for such a crime,
And for my sins, someday will pay.
For as each forest is cut away;
I'll know the cost that comes one day.

 -- Submitted by Gloria Sarasin from Trinity, North Carolina


The night sky is as beautiful
As beautiful as when
The sun peaks from the hills;
The waves rolling down the beach;
The prairie with the tumbling fields;
With the stars shining and dancing
Dazzling the dark sky
The moon comes out
And says hello
Making everyone smile with joy

 Wonderful things
In the night sky
As you keep your eyes
Up high
You wonder
What is the universe?
The world?
This life?
And just maybe, you could see the answers
There, in the night sky

 -- Submitted by Mayumi Samarakoon from Toronto, Canada


It is no surprise
To a brightly colored flower
Laying in the early uncommitted sun
That you would visit once and again.

 Allow me
To intoxicate you with my pollen
I will love you
And soon die.

 Are you the type of being
Appreciative of the ecstatic instant?
If not, I would still pardon thee
Dear butterfly, I am still a holy flower.

 ©David Soriano 2002

-- Submitted by David Soriano from Pittsburgh, PA


 So broad your wings with which you fly;
Where did you get them, dragon fly?
If they were mine, what sights I'd see,
With wings so light, I'd fly with thee.

 O'er the fields of new sown daisies,
I'd float along like a summer's breeze
And when it be, I close my wings,
Let it be among the nature's dressings.

 Take me with you, dragon fly,
Upon your wings and bid goodbye
To this life for just awhile;
Let me fly with you just one mile.

-- Submitted by Gloria Sarasin from Trinity, North Carolina




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