Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.
-- Albert Einstein


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Poems about FriendsEditor's Pick:

Once between the waving grass of summer's breeze,
We strode together submerged up to our knees,
By the twisting strands of wildflower and grasses,
Together we joined that year's wild dances.

The sun beat happily on us as we lay down,
Under the sky's heavy cloud-laden frown,
Idly plaiting we made long daisy chains,
Then wore them as we clattered down the lanes.

Laughing we jumped from stone to shore,
In the flashing, dashing rush of the river's thaw,
The future was far away; the future was now,
That summer for me and my little pal.

And forty years on I still walk those lanes,
And splash in the puddles whenever it rains,
I lie under the same sun's heavy stare,
And jump in the river whenever I dare.

I still stand in the fields to weave flowers the same,
And I take them and give them to her once again,
Where in the meadow she lies with flowers all around,
Under a small cross and six feet of ground.

-- Submitted by Laura Fanthorpe
from Saffron Walden, Essex, England


Editor's Pick:

Your head
contained my secrets
Your heart
kept me complete
Your hands
held all the promise
Of a friend
Who cherished me
Your smile
brought me warmth
Your spirit
kept me strong
Your laughter
reached my ears
When I could not
hear my own.

-- Submitted by Theresa Kehoe from Westbrook, ME


 How many of you
can truly say
you're not afraid of death
in any way?

 I have met such a person
who to my horror said
"don't cry for me,
I'll soon be dead"

 "I have time to tell my dearest
how I love them so,
an opportunity most people,
don't get before they go".

 "It's not a happy ending
it's not a sad one too
it's the end of my beginning
it's what I have to do"

 With a smile on her face
and with passion she said
"don't cry for me,
I'm already dead".

 I listened to her words
and didn't cry a tear
for what she said was wisdom
wise beyond her year

 With no fear in her voice
no tear in her eye
she carried on speaking,
pausing to sigh

 "Of course I'd love to be here
of course I want to stay
to watch you open presents
on every special day".

 "but I can't live any longer
I have to end the pain
death is the only thought
that helps to keep me sane".

 "My fate was chosen long ago
by forces big and strong
I ask you not to cry for me
for I know it won't be long".

 With that my new friend finished
and said she had to go
but I did not shed a tear
although she'd never know

 I took it all on board
everything she'd said
and I prayed to my lord
for I knew she'd soon be dead

 I asked him to take care of her
I told him she was kind
he told me he'd look after her
which gave me peace of mind

 So when this day arrives
I will not shed a tear
for I know she will be happy
and treated very dear.

-- Submitted by Gemma Hayton from Surrey, ENGLAND

Sometimes u wish upon a star
and hope that wish comes true...
If I had one wish 2 wish...
I'd wish that wish were uuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!

 -- Submitted by Pratiksha Sadh from India


 An invisible friend whose name was Buddy
Went everywhere that David would be.
They'd play for hours without a fight
But only he could this playmate see.

 Together they sat to eat their lunch
And to bed for their daily nap.
Never once was David alone
For Buddy was there in his baseball cap.

 The years passed by and sad to say,
Buddy no more came out to play.
He must have found another friend
Who needed him more, I comprehend.

 I too, have a friend that I can't see;
His name is Jesus, but he'll never leave.
Unlike Buddy, he won't someday go
To befriend another if I just believe.

 -- Submitted by Gloria Sarasin from Trinity, North Carolina


 Blessed the one who realizes
I need a helping hand to-day
Blessed the one who recognizes
My needs and turns not his face away
Blessed the one who brightens my day
When I'm lonely, sad or bored
Blessed the one who shows me the way
Smoothing the ground on this stretch of road

 Blessed the one who makes me smile
When the day seems dull and dreary
Blessed the one who stops awhile
To say hello and chat with me
Blessed the one who brings me comfort
And reminisces about the good old days
Blessed the one whose moral support
Provides me strength in times of dismay

 Blessed the one who comprehends
My memory is dim, my work imperfect
Blessed the one who holds my hand
Seeing my hesitant and tottering gait
Blessed the one who stands by me close
When 'so-called' friends abandon me
Blessed the one who clearly knows
That my sight is poor and blurry

 Blessed the one who understands
My infirmity and helps me with my load
Blessed the one who is still my friend
Though gifts and treats I can't afford
Blessed the one who thinks I'm useful
Encouraging me with hopeful words
Blessed the one who boosts my morale
When with problems I'm fraught

 Blessed the one who listens to me
And makes me feel relevant
Blessed the one who believes in me
That I'm not antediluvian
Blessed the one who walks with me
On this lap of life's journey
Blessed the one who prays for me
That in mind and body I'm healthy

 Thank you friend for being there
At the time and place I need you
Be it balmy or blustery the weather
My journey is easier because of you

 © Emile S.T.Cheng

 -- Submitted by Emile Cheng from Singapore


It's always been your loving ways that helped me understand,
That helped me to be patient and that helped me say "I Can".
I love you like a sister and know you like one too,
I trust you'll keep my secrets locked up tight inside of you.

 I came to you when sorrow struck, and you listened to my cries,
I came to you when times got rough and you protected me from lies.
I came to you to ask for help and willingly you leap,
To lend a hand and always made promises you kept.

 I thank you for your caring ways and generosity,
and thank you for spending time building you and me.

 PLease come to me when you cry, I'll always dry your tears.
Please come to me when you're afraid, I'll try to calm your fears.
Depend on me to be the friend that you have been to me,
Trust in me and you will see why in our friendship I believe.

 I love you like a sister and know you like one too,
and this is why my heart says our friendship's pure and true.

 -- Submitted by Pazia Dwyer from Ellwood City, PA

It's the day we all fear,
for you won't be near.
It's your laughter I won't hear,
it's your smile that won't be here.

The halls will be empty,
no one to give off light.
I'll look around
and you won't be in sight.

It's the battle of loneliness
that I'll have to fight.
I sit here and think of the days where we had fun!
Your beautiful face lit up more than the sun.

You spread joy everywhere you went,
your leaving me is a huge event.
Your face against mine meant everything to you,
and over the months our love became true.

I will love you forever and that, you already knew.
When you think of your memories of the past,
think of you and me having a blast.
My silent cry and my last goodbye, you will be missed.

-- Submitted by Jordan from Katy,Texas


Thanks for being such a good friend to me.
You've opened up my eyes to things I couldn't see.
I hope we last forever, you know.
So that everyday our love will grow.

You've been there, through thick and thin.
And now I can truly say I can call you a friend.
I hate to have to share you with others,
Like other friends, your sister, your brother, your mother.

Other people may have no clue
about the closeness between me and you.
But,all I want to say Is
Thank You!

-- Submitted by Shekiah from Miami, Florida

Don't let them tell you how to feel,
Even when you're hurt and seeking help.
What they don't know is that your hurt is real
And there's nothing they can do.

 Keep your face to the sun,
And keep the pain inside.
Run from the lies and indignities,
Yet convince yourself you tried.

 Mostly, remember that I love you,
And remember that I care.
And when you feel there's no place to go,
Know that I'll be there.

 -- Submitted by Jessica Mance from Allen, Texas


 Do not be afraid, my friend, when troubles come your way,
All must face the adversity that will come their way someday.
Gain knowledge from your times of trials and store them in your soul,
So you can help another in their troubles as they grow.

 -- Submitted by L.J. Tanner from Goshen, IN


Blessed the friend who sticks with you
Whether times are good or bad
Happy the man who has not a few
To comfort and console when he's sad

A friend doesn't mind offering his shoulder
For you to lean your head and cry on
To listen when you pour out your woes
To pick you up when you're down

With you he walks the extra mile
Though rough and difficult the way
When all around seems dismal or vile
He's your sunshine to brighten your day

When you're in a melancholy mood
A true friend lifts you up from gloom
When you are hungry he shares his food
For you in his heart there's ample room

A loyal friend remembers you
Though you're gone far away
He's a comrade and ally true
Your name he'll not detract or betray

A faithful friend sincere and trusty
Loves you, your warts, your faults your flaws
Friendship unrequited wanes easily
Nurtured it eases life's burdens and woes

A poor life this if we've no friends
Befriend and cherish your fellow men
Yellow, black, and white can blend
Let love peace and friendship reign

-- Submitted by Emile Cheng from Singapore


I want a friend with whom to laugh,
who isn't sorrow bent,
but everywhere I seemed to go,
sorrow also went.

If I could fly off to the moon,
would laughter I find there,
or does sadness fill the universe
and tears found everywhere?

Perhaps, if I be the one to laugh,
another's heart to lift,
I could make another smile
and give laughter as a gift.

-- Submitted by Gloria Sarasin from Trinity, NC

(To my friend who is totally paralyzed)

 I wish that you and I
weightless, like skeletel insects
could spin across the waters
our reflections mirrored

 How lovely we would be
twirling in the moonlight
pearl dust on our wings
veined, fragile and transparent

 While cardinals and redbirds
sing us songs of scarlet
in the left hand corner of morning
where the sun glows like a ruby

 But alas we have grown awkward
it is beyond all effort
our bodies won't stay balanced
for any length of time

 Perhaps this is our winter
the trees are wearing snow doilies
heavy grows the silence
of their stillness in the dark

 But we need not be captured
as long as we can travel
to places our souls remember
golden, lit and warm

 It's there I know I'll find you
and all the others I've loved
together we will dance again
the way we did before.

© Anne Lombardo Ardolino 2002

 -- Submitted by Anne Lombardo Ardolino from New York, NY


How did you know I needed guidance
To help me through the day
How did you know I needed kindness
To take the pain away

 How did you know I needed a hand
To show me the way
How did you know I needed a smile
To reassure me through the day

 How did you know I needed to be told
That life can be so grand
How did you know I needed courage
To make an honest stand

 How did you know I needed to laugh
To take away the sadness
How did you know I needed to share
To spread my world with gladness

 How did you know I needed wisdom
So I will learn to reach
How did you know I needed a voice
So that I may also teach

 How did you know I needed love
then the answer came to me...
Because you are my friend
and that will always be

-- Submitted by Mary G. from Tampa, FL


I lie on my bed at night
And wonder where I am
I feel all alone
And start to feel like it's over
You come along
And hold my hand
You tell me
We'll get through this
And now I don't feel alone

-- Submitted by Ian J. Dawson
from Seahouses, Northumberland, England


A part of you has grown on me,
and so you see,
it's you and me, friends forever,
never apart,
maybe in distance,
but not in the heart.

 -- Submitted by Summer Brockway from Owosso, Michigan

Christmas time, a joyous time
Opening presents to find what's mine

 I ripped the packages and what do I see
Fuzzy slippers and a flannel gown for me

 Dolls and a tea set, clothes and jewels
There must be a mistake, Santa could not be that cruel

 I hold back a tear, there's always next year
As I watch my friends all in good cheer

 They stirred and mixed as they licked their chins
All so happy with their lucky grins

 We ate the cakes and muffins made with fun
I prayed it break and then I'd run

 But each year the same ole thing
Doesn't Santa know what to bring?

 Time has past and I am 44
But there is one thing I know for sure

My sister and friends showed their lovin'
When they bought me my first Easy-Bake oven.

 -- Submitted by Mary Giusto from Tampa, FL


She's my treasure,
with whom I can share,
all the thoughts and feelings,
I wouldn't be able to bear.

 My hope and my joy,
for going through this life.
Past every single problem,
and every single strife.

 I love her most dear,
with all of my heart.
I will always remember,
we shall never be apart.

 I'll remember her words,
those wise words she spoke.
I will always remember,
her every single joke.

 Her courage and strength,
when the going got rough.
We stuck through it together,
nothing could ever be too tough.

 Fear was destroyed,
by our will to achieve.
We will conquer our faults,
we will always believe.

 We both believe in each other,
we will both stand together.
This is how it will be,
forever and ever!

 -- Submitted by Lindsay from Watervliet, NY


No matter where we are
It's never too far
When you're bored at home or all alone
You know my number, call me
And here I'll be
It's you and it's me
Forever we'll be Best Friends
Until the end
No one can take us apart
It would only break my heart
You were always there for me
At times of need
I will do the same for you, too
We've experienced so many good times; as well as, bad; however
It only makes us stronger
And we know our friendship will last that much longer
So, Friend, when I say very much I love you
I hope you know that it is true!

-- Submitted by Leah Vanek from Kanopolis, KS




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