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Poems about Patriotism

Patriotic Poetry
Photo by Daniel Hulshizer, AP

Editor's Pick:

I once was called a State House, now I'm Independence Hall
I stand on history's corner on a Philadelphia mall
I face the green where freedom rings in silence to the ear
But the bell tolls daily in the minds of those who want to hear

In the chambers of my meeting place, two hundred years ago
Words of strong debate from out my chambers overflowed
A government was founded and a portrait finely etched
And the face of freedom's guarantee on parchment had been sketched

I listened to the arguments, I heard the strong debate
I shed a tear of joy when they discussed the people's fate
They granted all a freedom that nobody could refute
The right to speak what he believed was granted absolute

It is a freedom that's denied to millions on this earth
Yet many here still don't appreciate its' golden worth
For every freedom guaranteed, there rests a certain trust
In the right of conscience, right of thought, to say the things we must

Every day the tourists come, to visit chamber halls
To hear the words of independence echo off the walls
They glance out rippled windows at the beauty of the green
Some understand the magnitude of all that they have seen

There is an unmarked boundary by which speech is well embraced
That does not smile upon the words that scar and that deface
That offend another's tenants, that degrade and that abuse
From one without a conscience, where his freedom is misused

But yet between the lines of freedom, tolerance is clear
Sometimes we listen to the things we never want to hear
Then anger and mistrust arise within the murky mist
Of one who utters or displays what principles resist

But yet he has the right to what his conscience will attest
To those I say, just turn your back and silently protest
Rejection is the deepest pain that one will ever feel
And silence speaks the loudest as it echoes what is real

There is another boundary that blows in freedom's air
That does not allow the right to speech that cause s one's despair
Inciting danger or upheaval, with a word or sign
Intended to create despair and others to malign

The law will call to justice, the one who oversteps
The line of freedom's limits with the weight of ignorance
Those who've passed the boundaries, marked on wooden floor
Where freedom was first granted, never walked into my door

For if he had, he would be overcome with the debate
As ghosts of freedom argue in the favor of his fate
He'd hear his name be mentioned as deserving to the wise
For "every individual" was equal in their eyes

He'd understand the privilege of living in a land
Where censorship's forbidden to the eyes of every man
Where every pen is free to write the thoughts within his soul
And every soul is free in seeking knowledge as his goal

I stand on history's corner, a building with a name
Where people look at freedom's bell through rippled window pane
And realize their eyes are gazing through the very glass
Of eyes that once looked out as well in shadows of the past

Come here to see where freedom's voice was duly given birth
Come here to understand the measure of your voice's worth

-- Submitted by Elizabeth Santos from Pottstown, PA


September eleventh two thousand one,
The whole world got to see.
The towering twins of New York State
Fall so helplessly.

They both were struck by suicide jets
On a mission to destroy.
The spirit of America
And freedoms we enjoy.

Then a third jet struck our Pentagon,
While a fourth jet couldn't go,
Beyond the Pennsylvania trees
'Cause of heroes, we now know.

So with vengeance left to be the Lord's
One thing still applies...
Freedom just might cost your life,
But freedom never dies!

© 2001 William Heffner

-- Submitted by William Heffner from Coldwater, Michigan


is for the Attitudes
that conquer any quest
is for the Multitudes
who know just why they're blessed
pluribus unum
from sea to shining sea
for all the Riches found
where everyone is free
for Individuals
who sacrifice their all
because our Christian faith
will answer every call, so one more
for Attitudes
That live inside of us
God has blessed America
Cause God is who we trust

 G O D   B L E S S   A M E R I C A !

 © 2001 William Heffner

 -- Submitted by William Heffner from Coldwater, Michigan


 America, America
Can you see how she lives
Life with freedom opportunity and pride
Lives for her we proudly give

 Tell me sure, what other place
Would give such chance for life
Life to be lived to its' true
Even through its' great strife

 But still there's tragedy, rebel, rebel
Someone trying to change the pages
By saying what's been said for years
Now, suddenly is viewed outrageous

 America, America
Can you see how she gives
Stand up and strong and proud for her
And make sure Our America lives

-- Submitted by John Thomas Lurry from Oklahoma City, OK


As we salute 'Old Glory'
In her stars and stripes so bold
She brings to us nostalgia
In memories we hold

 Uniting us in brotherhood
A glimpse of beauty bright
The emblem of our freedom
Of a nation crowned in light

 As the song "God Bless America"
Resounds throughout the land
Steadfast we pledge allegiance
To our flag who flies most grand!

 Flag Day - June 14
Copyright © 2002

-- Submitted by MaLady from Augusta, GA


As the pole rings like a distant bell,
I walk within the shadow of the flag
And hear the sound of freedom-so still
Like rolling thunder across the land.

 -- Submitted by Danny Barbare from Greenville, SC


While I'm laying down to rest,
Courage calls young men to test.
To test their faith on battle ground.
O bloody sight! And dreadful sound!

 Trudging through the blood and mud,
What hath power to stir men's blood?
Blood to rage, and power to fight;
Faith to keep them through the night?

 What has sparked the flame inside,
Braving war with reverent pride;
Bearing the burden for another,
A life he believes to be his brother?

 Lying in rest at home, like me;
What was it that his eye did see;
That he would thrust him from the bed,
And consider himself already dead?

 Damn the threat! Forbear the woe!
Courage has budded, to war I go!
I shall not shrink, nor fear the reaper!
For I know I am my brother's keeper!

-- Submitted by Bobby Thomasson from Alvarado, Texas


Standing before the banner covered with stars,
remembering the heroes died for country in the wars,
whispering your beautiful name-America-crown of the nations,
Calling your past-the glorious noble history,
George Washington, Lincoln, Kennedy,
Everlasting is burning the flame,
through democratic tools and creations,
First freedom, the most precious result
of our struggles and daily efforts,
Second-the constitution, fountain of justice and wisdom,
Third-the safe future of our innocent, dear children,
The proud and honor to carry and protect,
Our forefathers' holy land...USA...
God bless USA!

 -- Submitted by Tatomir Ion Marius
from Sighetu Marmatiei/MM/Romania


Dear God, I want to say,
A special prayer in a special way.
May you bless those far and near
Brighten a smile and dry a tear.

Who could forget that terrible day
America was attacked in a horrific way?
God, please show them that you're near.
Touch a soul to show you care.

Guide them every day and night
Let them know they'll be all right.
Help them to heal day by day
And show them they're loved in every way.

Bless people far and near
Who helped out others and showed they cared.
Bless those who passed away
For their love will never stray.

God, I know you'll hear my prayer
And you'll bless everyone everywhere.
Please take our pain away.
God, please bless the U.S.A

-- Submitted by Alice K. Monahan from Shelby, Michigan


I heard sweet highland music drift across the glen
From a lonely highland piper who from the hills appeared, and then
The mists did slowly rise up from the heather on the ground
And the skies were brightly lit up by an old familiar sound
of bagpipes and drummers marching homewards from the war
Once more victorious, although pools of blood I saw,
With faces that were grieving for brothers, sons and friends
Who all had fought for freedom, until the bitter end.

Eyes were fixed like bayonets, were stained and smeared with death,
Bellies were full of hunger, but there was no time to rest
As the enemy had gathered, regrouped with new laid plans
To regain the advantage that was taken from their hands
By men in kilts and tartans whose allegiance to the cause
Could not be broken by the mighty English Rose,
Or the longbows that were aimed and fired to foil these fearless men
Who were led by the highland piper through the mist - enshrouded glens.

New battle roared and English sword won favour for a while,
There was no calculation in their plans that Scottish Guile
Would foil and thrice outwit them, as they stood and faced defeat,
They had no other option but to turn and then retreat
Back to the lowlands: to the homelands that they knew,
To rethink how those bagpipes and their tunes could be subdued,
Why the fight for freedom was a fight that would not die
But ran deep within each Scotsman's heart and kept their spirits high

That lived and breathed, would never leave, from the cradle to the grave
That bred a strength of character that is always on parade,
As if a mighty peacock as it spread its coloured tail.
The Scotsman's fight for freedom will never be derailed.
Will always be a part of life in times of war or peace
Written as an epilogue when life on earth has ceased,
When bricks and stone are all that's left, when the oxygen has gone
The eerie sound of bagpipes will forever linger on.

© 2002 Alan Glendinning
All rights reserved

-- Submitted by Alan Glendinning from Aberdeen, Scotland

United we stand,
Steadfast and tall,
Commited to peace,
And freedom for all.
For times like these,
That try all our souls,
Can renew our faith,
In ourselves and our goals.
Let's open our hearts,
As our proud banners wave,
O'er the land of the free,
And the home of the brave!

-- Submitted by Tara from Fairfax Station, VA


From her island sanctuary
She stood glorious in the sun,
As clouds billowed softly by,
I saw Liberty; her torch raised to the sky

 From the sky flew the demons from the east,
By blade, capturing the wings of the eagle's flight,
Four riders stormed down delivering death,
Laying siege on her fortress of democracy

 The towers destroyed and the keep damaged,
Countless souls delivered into God's hand,
The devil's seed had been sowed
An unholy bounty reaped

 Fire, soot, and ash rained down to the street below,
Onto The Knights of Saint Michael and Saint Florian,
Burying those who try to save
Life pushed to the limit never thought to be undone

 From her island sanctuary she stood immobile,
As clouds of smoke, ash, and soot billowed
Devastation recognized and dealt
I saw that Liberty still stood

 Her sons shall raise their swords
To vanquish the evil back into the night
Her torch shall never grow dim
It will always be raised to the sky

 -- Submitted by Martin Connors from Philadelphia, PA


 Salute the Banner they raised on that hallowed ground
Shed no more tears of grief
Let every child know of the bravery
Remember always the heroes

 Like gallant knights unbound
Pledged to protect those who can not
Meeting Death's challenge
Cherish always their sacrifice

 Tell your children of the innocent blood shed
Of the unknown thousands saved by common men
As they fought for life near Heaven's Gate
Returning to Hell, the Evil that held them by blade

 Salute the Banner they raised on that hallowed ground
Remember always that September morn,
As heroes stride through Heavenly Skies
Candles lit and held in children's hands like earthly stars

 Towers may be rebuilt
Castles will be repaired and restored
Epics written scrolled and forgotten
Smiles will return; Tears will dry

 Salute the Banner they raised on that hallowed ground
Rejoice in the victory of the soldier
Who fought in a distant land to end a tyrant's reign
Bringing to justice the traitor who fought against his Flag

 Salute the Banner they raised on that hallowed ground
Cheer always the freedom endured
Preserve the Unity that prospers still
Protect the liberty that is the beacon to the world

 -- Submitted by Martin Connors from Philadelphia, PA


I hold in my hand a world of anger and fear.
Never knowing what to expect.
Never knowing what is near.

I hold in my mind the images of war.
Something so near,
that we expect to be far.

I hold in my heart anger and pain.
Innocent lives lost,
with evil to blame.

I hold in my soul prayers for all the people,
We will all come together to conquer the evil.

We hold in our hands a promise for tomorrow,
to create a world without any sorrow.

We hold in our minds the future of our lives
with all it's twists and turns.

From all that has happened,
we can only learn.

We hold in our hearts the need to stand together.
The hope that this togetherness will last forever.

We hold in our souls the need to feel safe.
If we do what is right and follow our hearts,
the world will be a better place to live!

-- Submitted by Sierrah from Irving, Texas

We all turned on our TV sets.
We all held our breath.
We all saw four airplanes crash,
as many met their death.

 We all were scared and shocked and sad.
We all hoped it was a dream.
We all cried the tears of grief,
at something so extreme.

 My friends were all strong and brave.
My friends helped me through.
My friends were there when I cried,
when no one else would do.

 My friends hugged me and held my hand.
My friends were always near.
My friends helped me though that day,
and wiped my every tear.

 Our nation was attacked that day.
Our nation could not rest.
Our nation tried to keep its cool,
and we all did our best.

 Our nation has recovered some.
Our nation will still run.
Our nation is even stronger now,
as "America" is sung.

 I will stand strong and proud.
I will help my land.
I will care and listen and hope
and lend a helping hand.

 I will support my country dear.
I will remember that day.
I will be brave and strong and proud.
I live in the U.S.A.

 -- Submitted by Dallas from Townsville, AZ


How lovely is the sunset at the break of day,
How soft are its colors as it fades away.
A promise of peace, rest and cease to the unending fray,
To every man it pledges at the end of the weary day.
With majestic colors and light it bids goodbye,
While mixing with the sea and the prismatic sky.
Touching the tired and hopeless hearts of humanity.
To give them hope that in the morning they are free,
From the golden chains of false liberty.

-- Submitted by Jansen Azarias from Marikina City, Philippines


 By the dawn's early light our flag was still there
my emotions stir as those words hit the air
I reflect on the freedom we enjoy today
And pray that it will never be taken away

 Brave soldiers died through the years
In wars and battles that brought many tears
dough boys fought in those lowly trenches
drenched in blood as they crawled through the mud

 The bombers flew so very high
as the flack from below pierced the sky
soldiers stormed on foreign beaches
and jungles devoured our soldiers with leaches

 The oceans of the world entomb our men
in watery graves where they fought to the end
from Pearl they sailed to the sea of Japan
may God have mercy upon this land

 Brave men and women laid down their hearts
and gave their best as they did their part
our freedom is recorded with the blood of man
from coast to coast you should love this land

 Patriotism should be a part of our life
but some choose to demonstrate and show their strife
so many have forgotten the reason why
so many don't care and it makes me cry

 Our freedom was challenged on nine-one-one
some thought it couldn't happen, but it was done
so when you see that flag flying high
never forget the reason why

 ©January 31, 2002

 -- Submitted by Scott R. Jones from Benton, MS

America is good, America is great
We are not full of anger or hate
We love all nations , we love every face
But we will fight for freedom, with God's amazing grace
We do not like to fight, we do not like to kill
But we will fight for freedom, if war is what you will
America is good, America is great,
We are not full of anger or hate

-- Submitted by Erin W. from Vancouver, WA


The day the brothers fell
Was an awful day, we say.
We still cannot begin to wonder
All the lives that were lost that day.
 But I'm sure that it brought us
Americans together, closer,
Taking care of one another.
 So 9-11 was not a day that the devil won,
September 11, 2001, was a day that God
Used to bring us together despite
all the violence that was done.

 -- Submitted by Anna King from Kansas




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