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No one can make you feel inferior without your permission.
-- Eleanor Roosevelt


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Poems about Life in GeneralEditor's Pick:
I sought my soul
But my soul I could not see.
I sought my God
But my God eluded me.
I sought my mother
And found all three.

-- Submitted by Terry Roberts
from West Plains, MO

Editor's Pick:


 It's not my hand that heals man,
and guides the silken blade.
Nor bridges built to great expand,
with brick expertly laid.
Take pity on the artist brush,
it lies tortured by my stroke.
A voice that calls for greatness hushed,
though fires I have stoked.
How will I be remembered when,
the life I know is through.
The gifts contained within this pen,
are all I have for you.
Though greatness may not with me dwell,
my love for life I pray they tell.

 -- Submitted by Jerry Ackerman
from Syracuse, New York


Editor's Pick:

I never promised to be perfect.
Nor asked for you to be.
I never needed much at all,
Just your respect for me.

 The things we said were different.
Our opinions weren't the same.
And it seemed to add some contrast,
Our debating was a game.

 But it seems we've lost direction,
And the cost seems rather high.
Debate has become argument.
What have we done? And why?

 You misconstrue my interest
As "I'm prying" so I'm told.
Attempts I make to bond with you
Get labeled as "control."

 I thought our love would be enough
To keep us firmly grounded.
Where exactly do we stand
Within this love we've founded?

 Have we forgotten creativity?
Each viewpoint heard in turn?
Our basis? Our foundation?
Our friendship and concern?

 What have we done? Where did we go?
What purpose? Where's the gain?
Stubborn. Cold. Unwilling.
The basis of our pain.

 -- Submitted by Judith Lynn Pullins-McGuire from Phoenix, AZ


The house seems so quiet
the kids are all in school
The phone doesn't ring all day
The silence like a jewel.

 Everything I put away
For once stays in its place
Toys in their toybox
Puts a smile upon my face.

 There isn't any fighting
Over what cartoon to see
I can catch up on my soaps
Curled up by the TV

 I can eat my entire lunch
Answering nary a question
There is no constant chattering
To give me indigestion.

The rooms somehow seem bigger
With no one here at home
I bet I could hear my echo
In this big house all alone.

 I turned to mention something
To the kid sitting in the chair
But when I turned around to talk
There was nobody there.

 I didn't have to constantly shout
Not to slam the door
Nor did I have to labor
Wiping footprints off the floor.

 I can hear minutes ticking
The clock sounds way too loud
Counting off the hours
Til again returns the crowd.

 The silence ringing in my ears
Makes me about to lose my cool
Ok! Ok! I finally give!
I can't wait til they're home from school!

-- Submitted by Patty Palmer from Sharon, PA


As I walk up and down
On the streets of my home town
And through aisles and corridors
Of shops and department stores,
I see people rushing around
And hear the bustle and the sound
That they make on their way
In the pursuit of the day.
And my tired and failing eyes
View each of these passer byes
As a candle that shines about
And then flickers and burns out.
And yet they seem unaware,
Or perhaps they just don't care,
About the ultimate fate
That awaits them at death's gate.
In my mind's eye I see them all
As skeletons, some short others tall,
Which move or stand around waiting,
Just piles of dust in the making.
Fools! Do they ever think of tomorrow?
Do they grasp the meaning of sorrow?
That sorrow that comes with knowing
That life's essence is only out-flowing?
From birth we begin to die,
And from the time of our first cry
We all, the coward and the brave,
Start on the journey to the grave.
In the pursuit of the daily bread
We all seem to forget the thread
That links the beginning to the end
And which has no curve or back bend.
Ah! How ironic it is to celebrate
Year in and year out the birth date
Of a child, or anyone, as if 't was our wish
To speed him towards the finish.
What's the point of propagation
Given that the final destination
Amounts to nothing more than dirt
Or ash mingled with a pair of pants, or a skirt?
Perhaps I shouldn't see things as I do
Nor hold such a cynical view on life, it's true.
Maybe I should just live from day to day
And not look that far along the way,
And just follow life's twists and bends
Without a thought of how and where it ends.
But then that would not be me
And I'd loose what little autonomy
I still have, and should I be asked to try
I'd have to say, "No can do! Not I."

-- Submitted by A.V. Fenton from Empangeni, South Africa


Should you wish to find me
Amidst earth's chaos and woes
You'll seek for all eternity
For where I am no one knows.

 But should you look up at night
These pointers to you I'll give
For if you follow the stars' light
You'll find the place where I live.

 Follow the path to Orion
And then through to Sagittarius,
Turn right at the place of the Lion
And proceed to Aquarius.

 Rest for a while at Gemini
For there's still a long way to go
And whilst there you should try
To reflect on the things you know.

 Discard what baggage you brought
As where I am all that you'll need
Is a clear mind, freedom of thought,
And the flexibility of a reed.

 Then move on at your own pace,
There is no need now to hurry,
For you're no longer in the rat race
And there's no further call for worry.

 Take the path that leads to Aries
And then on to Capricorn;
The distance between them never varies
A 'constant' since they were born.

 And when you get to Pisces
Pick up the 'wand of enlightenment'
Which, when yours, it releases
Peace of mind and contentment.

 Go past Libra and Cancer,
Virgo and Scorpio too;
The four act as the enhancer
Of all that is really true.

 Taurus will provide the needs
Of the faint hearted and the weak
By planting in them the seeds
Of the courage and wisdom they seek.

 You are now getting near
To the place that I call home,
Where no heartache or fear
Can ever penetrate its dome.

 And if by Truth you have been led
You will then exit this Universe
And, in the brightest light ahead,
You'll find me ... in prose and verse.

-- Submitted by A.V. Fenton from Empangeni, South Africa

Mom, Mother, Mommy, Mum
See what hath the Earth become
Would you stop it if you could
Turn the clock back if it should

 If you saw two drunken sailors
Fighting in the street at night
Would you step in
Stop the fight

 Would they fight another day
Would they stand or walk away
Should they forget, should they regret
Or would they make each other pay

 To us we say each dawn a day
And surely comes the morrow
But standing close as times before
Is destruction, death and sorrow

 So should they finish fights today
Or fight again tomorrow

 There is a clock inspired of gods
And crafted in pure gold
That keeps track of all the nuances
Of things you can behold

 If you could
Would you stop the fight
Stop the fight

 Or is this nature
On its course
To start a new tomorrow

-- Submitted by Josh Brinkworth from Seattle, WA


 When your muse fails to inspire
And no ink flows from your pen,
It is then, that you must dig
To find those things deep down within.

 What makes you laugh, rejoice and cry
And keeps the things in you alive?
What view of life do you see;
Tell us your view and philosophies.

 Look out your window and tell me,
What it is that you now see.
If it's beauty or it's blight,
That my friend, is what you write.

 So tell me now, is your muse still dead
And nothing there running through your head?
If there's nothing new you see;
Then my friend, just write of me.

 Write of your view of me you see
That may be just your fantasy;
Make me tall, short or thin
Or anything you see within.

 Make me fly with wings not clipped
And place in me what isn't there;
Paint me white and sugar dipped
But please, oh please, don't paint me bare.

 Within this write may be your muse
So pick now which one you choose;
Write of happy or of sad
On a napkin or scratchpad.

-- Submitted by Gloria Sarasin from Trinity, North Carolina


 Stones pitted against my window
At the reflection that I see;
Viewing from the other side,
A different view of me.

Marring up the glass.
Now what I see reflection there,
An injured, bloodied mass.

 Step away, no need to view;
Reflection now is shattered,
For the view, I used to see;
Now, no longer mattered.

 The person seen, I knew as me
Was changed by a misjudgment
And now the ones, who threw the stones,
Have marred what I now see.

-- Submitted by Gloria Sarasin from Trinity, North Carolina


 Such magic in a mother's kiss
And power in her hugs
That can heal the deepest pain
Or dry a flow of tears.

 Her arms can make secure,
A child filled with fright
And chase away the boogie man
That comes to him at night.

 With just one softly spoken word,
A child's eyes made bright
And with the words, I love you,
Everything made right.

 Such magic in a mother's kiss
Can't heal the grown-up pain,
When her hugs no longer sooth
Or stop the flow of rain.

 If every mom could have one wish,
I'm sure that it would be,
That the magic in her touch
Could set her children free.

 Today is not tomorrow,
So today, I still have power,
With just one kiss, one gentle hug;
Turn weeds into a flower.

-- Submitted by Gloria Sarasin from Trinity, North Carolina


 A big bull frog had jumped and found
Himself no longer on the ground.
A pail of water, cold and deep,
That from its' grasp, he couldn't leap.

 I saw him struggling to be free
And for his plight, I soon found pity;
I dumped the pail but feared to touch
This creature ugly, warts and such.

 I'm thankful for the souls who see,
My warts and yet, they pity me,
When in the water, I too, take leap
And find myself in there too deep.

-- Submitted by Gloria Sarasin from Trinity, North Carolina


Wedding Blessings come your way,
In honor of your special day.
Exchanging vows and wedding rings,
Brings so many precious things.
Dresses, suits, and wedding bells,
Presents, cake, and wishing wells;
Tear-stained cheeks and a happy grin,
Show the love that's deep within.
From the church to the hall,
You're both loved by one and all.

-- Submitted by Alice K. Monahan from Shelby, Michigan


 From braids to bobs
From tennies to formals
Life in the twinkling of an eye
Girlhood dreams
Metamorph to fancy or
Are lost on the way side
From the past a whisper
to the future both eyes open
Now they flutter in the glare.
How light and carefree a girl
She resides within yet
She is the stuff of the past
that makes the now
She is magic beyond compare
she is me and I am her
We only forget the magic, it never disappears
Life without a magic lens is no life at all.

-- Submitted by Michael Dimas from Los Angeles, CA


 Silver threads that weave among the brown,
Show the sign that summer's gone,
And the ruts left by the storms,
Seen in the furrowed frown.

 Slower now the gait that ran
When spring was here and spirit free
But it is now approaching winter:
This season sees the bent down tree.

 Memories linger of birds that left,
But seeing now, an empty nest.
Hearing still, the songs that rang,
Throughout the summer when life was best

 When silver threads have turned to white
And the final season has come too fast:
It is then envisioned, the hope of spring,
While sadly letting go, the seasons past.

-- Submitted by Gloria Sarasin from Trinity, North Carolina


 Each year passes and then another;
I seem not to see the passing of the years.
My mirror shows change but unnoticed
when viewed day by day, it seems.

 Viewing old videos forces me out of denial;
The years have flown and I now see how fast.
Just babies, they were just babies not so long ago,
But it must have been longer than just yesterday.

 Another summer and he comes again…but….
Who is this young man with a voice that's changing?
Where is the baby boy that I bounced upon my knee.
Glasses replaced by contacts, I notice the beauty of his eyes
and I think how much he now looks like his mom.

 That baby girl, too small to walk, she now is dressed in bras.
Have I grown shorter for she's now almost as tall as me.
I again move to the mirror; yes, the years have passed,
I can see it now. How had it gone unnoticed?

 Moving away now from grandma and grandpa,
What can they say to gram and pop?
Country music verses rap; old fashioned folks.
Once again, I pop in a video. Roll back, roll back,
Bring back those pass gone years, roll back.

 I will listen to their rap and learn to play Nintendo,
Remember not to talk too loud when their friends are near.
Give them a hug when no one's looking
And try not to let them see when I dye my hair.

 When they walk down the isle, I hope to be there too,
And maybe when those great grandkids come;
I won't be too old to bounce them on my knee.
Once again, there will be videos but these not meant for me;
Memories of gram and pop to remember when we're gone.

-- Submitted by Gloria Sarasin from Trinity, North Carolina


 I can't run the fastest
I can't swim the sea
I can't type the quickest
but I love being me

 I can't kick a ball
or even climb a tree
I can't roll in the grass
but I still love being me

 You see, this is my life
as others would see
they don't know what it's like
to really be me

 So next time I'm about
rolling down the street
don't think of me disabled
but someone cool to meet

 I have lots I can teach you
I have loads I can share
you will never gain my wisdom
if you just point and stare

 So maybe I can't run the fastest
maybe I can't kick a ball
but I wouldn't change being me
not for you, not at all

-- Submitted by Gemma Hayton from Surrey, England


Life is the capacity to minimize anxiety
To rebuild the shattered dreams of society
Life is the ability to engage
In respectful and considerate argument.
Try to understand

 Life is the knowledge
That spiritual mutation
Will surely be the next step
For all of mankind.
Try to feel

 Life is the effort
To maintain ecosystems
And to attempt to understand
Other entities that co-exist with us.
Try to serve

 Life is the ability not to fear
To fully understand and accept
That existence may only be
An intense flame between eternities of blackness.
Try to accept

 Life is the willingness to question technology
Life is a poet seeking truth
Life is you
As part of me
Try to love

©D.S. 2002

 -- Submitted by David Soriano from Bradford, PA

In this realm of steel and stone,
I sit under this speckled sky,
wandering aimlessly in my mind,
and with each dimension of dementia,
I walk a new path of trials,
ignorant of its future,
I absorb each variable as they arise,
answers come in scarce intervals,
and with each conjured conclusion,
intangible is the would-be knowledge of their correctness,
which lies solely in the unforeseen future of a different path,
at a different time of existence,
whose own trials will discern,
the validity of previous conclusions.

-- Submitted by John J. Kaiser from Ft. Myers, FL


 The melding of two bodies,
The surging of two souls;
Love between the two of us
Keeps us from growing old.
It was on the day we married,
The day we said I do;
It was then I made you mine,
The proof that I loved you.

Now the years are passing
And we can hardly see,
Where the one of us begins
or the other person ends.
Growing old together,
What a special way to age.
Together we have grown
Like oregano and sage.

 -- Submitted by Gloria Sarasin from Trinity, North Carolina


 Longing for death when God says live;
Such an easy out, this thing called death.
But you feel, what more in life to give,
When life hurts you with every breath.

 Like a prisoner of war, your life in chains;
You want an escape and death sounds best.
When only pain and regret in life remains;
The only thing you can think about is rest.

 Courage is needed to walk through life
And many travelers walk it wounded.
No one is sprinting without strife,
No matter how the story ended.

 Today I pity a man that yesterday I envied;
What difference, you say, in just one day?
Plenty, my friend, plenty; for today he was emptied,
But not of choice, of fortune he held just yesterday.

 Take my hand and I'll walk with you
As we trod these hills and valleys.
For I, like you, have troubles too;
Let's walk together down life's alleys.

  -- Submitted by Gloria Sarasin from Trinity, North Carolina

Feel the 'Ah!' of things
 Notice the pure, polished pebbles
That lie scattered after the rain,
Or touch the velvet of petals
That hold dew pearls,
Listen to the song of birds in spring
Or feel the gentle warmth of the sun,
Watch the beauty of the mountains
Bathed in the glow of moonlight,
Or feel the power of the turbulent waves
And know --- hidden in the depths,
At the core of every existence
Lies the supreme, divine reality
That binds YOU and ME

(Inspired by a reading of the great spiritual leader Sri Aurobindo)

-- Submitted by Shobha Nayar Pandit from Jamshedpur, India


Here I sit, struggling to write.
I have a dull pencil and one dim light.
Writting poems until 11:16,
this whole thing is just crazy!
I stare in my dark room, to try and find
something to write about,
I can't find anything, so I sit here and pout.
My eyes begin to fall, I can't think at all.
My brain became numb, and my writing
inspiration just won't come...
Until tomorrow that is

 -- Submitted by Jordan from Katy, TX




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