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 Happy Poems


Little monkey hiding low;
Now where, oh where, did that monkey go?
Under the basket or the kitchen chair?
Little monkey found no where.
Listen close, there goes a giggle
And did I see that blanket wiggle?
Little monkey, peek-a-boo,
I think it's over, I found you!

-- Submitted by Gloria Sarasin from Trinity, North Carolina
e-mail: sara689@yahoo.com


Went to my lil' coffee shop on the corner to read,
sat down with my mug and set my mind at ease.
Watched a small little boy speak with his mother,
learning his thank you's and please.

 Walked outside and smelled the air,
a hint of oak, a dash of birch,
saw a small black bird sit and perch.
Walked to my seat at the book store in town,
I walked in as I would normally do,
on this Monday morning, without a frown.

 Picked up the paper and read it to me,
read the famous poet Poe, and his Annabel Lee.
Time had passed, and the clock read noon,
I would come back to this spot very soon.

 -- Submitted by Jordan from Katy, Texas
e-mail: DarkWaterTavern@aol.com


Leave an empty spot in your garden,
so that the fairies have a place to dance.
Leave an empty spot in your mind,
so that fairies may run and prance.
 In the garden, they spread pixie dust all over the leaves.
When the moon hits the garden just right,
you can see it shimmer lightly, in the cool night breeze.
 You can see them, too, if you just say please,
they'll dance before you with relative ease.

 -- Submitted by Jordan from Katy, Texas
e-mail: DarkWaterTavern@aol.com

Poems are crazy. Poems are sweet.
Poems tell us a story, They go with a beat.

Pick it up and never put it down,
poems are great and always make silent sounds.

Every word counts, they pounce on your face,
slow down and enjoy them, it's not a race.

Poems can be fun if you make them to be,
poems are easy and so much fun, you see!

Poems are like fruit.
They are juicy and delicious.

Have a piece won't you, come in
and enjoy the words flow into your mind.

Poems are great. Poems are kind.
Poems are wacky, poems are mine.

-- Submitted by Jordan from Katy, Texas
e-mail: DarkWaterTavern@aol.com


On peanut butter mountain
topped with marshmallow goop,
stands a little chocolate kiss
dancing the loop-E-loop.

Along came a hazel nut
looking oh, so fine,
he gave a wink to the kiss
and asked, "will you be mine"?

The little kiss gave him a sigh
and said "I'm sorry, no can do,
for you see, a chocolate kiss
should never be seen with a nut like you."

The dejected nut slid down the slope
and found himself left quite aloof;
like he had been one other time
when peanut butter stuck him up on a roof.

The kiss glanced down and said "I'm sorry,
but chocolate is best with peanut butter".
"I have a friend who may like you;
her name is Carmel chewy chew
and I've heard she goes for nuts like you."

-- Submitted by Gloria Sarasin from Trinity, North Carolina
e-mail: sara689@yahoo.com


Quiet I must be, can't let the monster find me
It seeks me out and calls my name,
I wish it would leave me alone, I'm not to blame.
I feel the need, the need to peek, to get away I must sneak.
In the hall I hear a sound then a bump, have I been found!
With a squeal and a laugh I run,
it sees me and asks if I'm having fun
I run as fast as my legs will go,
the monster jumps and starts to follow
The monster catches me, laughs and says what a bother,
you broke the vase and hide from your mother.

-- Submitted by Zac Muse from Australia
e-mail: zacmuse@hotmail.com

Open your eyes and come with me
To a place with dancing bumble bees
A turtle flies, a dragon roars
A catfish meows, and a lion snores

We'll climb the steps, we'll take it slow
We'll watch the elephant laugh and blow
The kangaroo and joeys, too
Will be a friend to me and you

We will fly a kite and eat ice cream
We'll travel far to explore our dreams
Go where you like and really have fun
We'll dance and play till the setting of the sun.

-- Submitted by Susan Adams from Grand Forks, BC, Canada
e-mail: abcsusan@hotmail.com


This guy "Gerty" as they call him
He's like a bright light never going dim
I look up to this guy
Sometimes I wonder why
I learn from his mistakes
He's only 19 for heaven's sake
But I learn well, and so does he
Lessons of life, if only he could see
The good times, and the hard
It's like a simple message on a card
Can he not see that it will all be in place in the end?
That he will have no enemies, but a great friend.
This is my brother, he is the best
"Gerty" -- he's like none of the rest!

-- Submitted by Lacey A.K.A. - Nikkie from Windom, MN
e-mail: nikkie_4eva@hotmail.com

The teacher had an excercise for the class,
Can anyone tell me how to use -
The word "detail", in a sentence, without a clash?
I know how teach, said little Bruce,
He came to the front, his back to the chalk-rail,
"When de rabbit jumps over de fence,
The head goes over, before de tail!"

-- Submitted by Rudy Hoedel from Nanaimo, B.C., Canada


 What is this wonder soft and white,
That falls from the sky on this wintery night?
Cool and sparkling, light as a feather,
It makes its appearance in cold winter weather.

 My hair is covered and it's all gray.
From my shoulders I brush the crystals away.
My tongue is out, to taste the flakes.
On roofs it looks like frosting on cakes.

 Here comes the plow, to push it aside,
Children on sleds, down hillside they slide.
Sweet little birds, they pop up their heads,
They're awakened by snow,that falls on their beds.

 Tree limbs are covered with shimmering white.
That look like maidens, dressed with delight.
Their limbs bending, under thick white snow.
As if thanking God, for love He's bestowed.

 I look out my window in wonderment.
I know that this magic is heaven sent.
I cannot imagine not seeing it fall.
A winter without it, I want not to recall.

 I never shall leave this wondrous season.
For loving it so is the only reason,
I live in this region where it snows.
As in winter time, my small world glows.

-- Submitted by Floria Kelderhouse from New Lenox, Illinois
EMAIL: snnipp7@aol.com


This moment amidst a winters day,
trees so bare and stark.
I smelt that scent upon the breeze
that lifts a winter's heart

It was that scent , that special scent
of spring so near at last
Caught in the rain of a blustery shower
which passes by so fast

What a scent, so fresh so bright
to a lift a February day
To know that 'ere too long
much more will come our way.

-- Submitted by Dai Wynne-Jones from UK
e-mail: dai.wynne-jones@virgin.net


If I could wish you Spring in December,
if I could wish you Christmas in May,
if I could wish that you'd always remember,
how much you are loved in each and every way.

If I could give you life without pain,
if I could give you more sun and less rain,
if I could give you roses in Winter,
prevent every bad thing in your life to enter.

If I could put a rainbow in your sky,
if I could put angels to dance before your eyes,
if I could put always love in your heart,
these things, my darling, would only be a start.

None of these things I have in my power,
I cannot keep you free from all sorrow,
but I can love you and always be there,
you are my little one so sweet and so fair.

-- Submitted by Gloria Lee Sarasin from Trinity, NC
e-mail: sara689@yahoo.com


Thank you for the moments; Thank you for the years
Thanks for always cushioning my worries and my fears

Thank you for the inspiration; Thank you for the hope
Thank you for making it so effortless to cope

Thank you for the conversations; Thank you for the love
And for taking me to special places I've been dreaming of

Thank you for supporting love, whether near of far
Thank you just for being the sister that you are

My heart is just rejoicing, it's jumping up and down
It's dancing in the meadows and it's spinning all around

My heart is doing somersaults, and flip-flops in the air
It's doing rolling cartwheels and jumping jacks with flair

My heart is doing little swirling spirals in the breeze
It's fluttering and twirling and it's tumbling with ease

My heart is doing wheelies, it's relishing in fun
So grateful is my little heart for all that you have done

-- Submitted by Elizabeth Santos from Pottstown, PA
e-mail: escheffey@aol.com


She's got a hot white body with a black fading top.
Older, but not shoddy, she goes be-bop, be-bop.
That's how she makes you feel when you're all settled in
You gotta take the wheel. Gotta take her for a spin.

I love my Ford Mustang with all her gold trim
And to see the kids all lusting has me busting to the brim.
Conveyed by my sweet girl, I convey that when I drive
I'm immune to all the world, and we're ANDIE55.

-- Submitted by Andrea Dietrich from Pleasant Grove, Utah
e-mail: Pandie55@hotmail.com


Whenever you are feeling sad
Your eyes fixed upon the ground
You need someone to cheer you up
To turn your frown upside down

When times can get real rough
You need someone to lift your chin
Or tickle you 'till you can't breathe
Or 'till you simply grin

A kiss is just a kiss
A hug a mere embrace
But nothing beats the worldly known
A smile upon the face

-- Submitted by Stephanie Inman from New Brighton, PA
e-mail: nephyangel@yahoo.com


As the lovely bride and the handsome groom
Entered the doors of the reception room
After their vows were said in the outdoor grandeur
Where they prayed the skies would keep their candor,
Blue belles walking down the path,
Candles lit in the aftermath --

The bride elegant in her satin gown,
Hair piled high upon her crown,
Could now relax and enjoy the fun
Of family, friends and food; well done!
A prayer was said in thanksgiving
For blessings of love and blessings for living --

Guests enjoyed appetizers and dinner,
Stuffed mushrooms, chicken on a stick the winners,
Roast beef, pasta, veggies, stir fry
Succulent taste makes the world go by.
The bride hoped for a perfect reception,
Everything pointed in the right direction --

The DJ, the music, the dancing,
The hugs and kisses of each romancing,
Fathers, mothers, siblings, friends,
Dance of life and love that never ends.
Happiness wished for the newlyweds,
Good health, good fortune, all had said --

-- Submitted by Floriana Hall from Akron, OHIO
e-mail: Floriana102@aol.com

The rocks have teeth I do believe
As I've been bitten once or twice
Betrayed by stone is not so strange
For their heart is that of ice.

Where are those warm rocks that I search
I've heard some have been found
I'll find one soon that I am sure
If I can just get my head above ground

-- Submitted by Joe Lenhardt from Corning, NY
e-mail: spacecowboy9@stny.rr.com


Birthdays are a loads of fun, I like them a ton.
With games, gifts, and a whole bunch of suprises,
a time where everyone's heart rises.
There's ponies, pirates, and a lot more.
I swear to you it is not a bore.
But out of all birthdays, your own is the best
it isn't as much fun being the guest!

-- Submitted by Alissa Manning from Henderson, Nevada


May they come true, your fondest wishes.
May you fulfill your fondest dreams.
Please be happy and ambitious
no matter how the world seems.
Through every single passing year
thou shalt not shed one tear,
for I will be there right beside you
to give you strength and to guide you.

-- Submitted by Julia Grace Vogel from Citrus Hieghts, CA
e-mail: Frieda Vogel@aol.com


Fall, leaves fall.
Every leaf speaks bliss to me,
fluttering from the autumn tree.
Its leaves are fragrant,
feathery, showy in their colors
beckoning with sexy shrug
to come over.
Wreaths of leaves blossom and glow
in the Indian summer sun.
Streams are trilling and frothing
in a mad dash to escape the summer calm
taunting the leaves for their climax of color,
a shade of red caught in the act.
Fall, leaves fall.
When night's away
ushers in a dreamier Autumn day.

-- Submitted by Carol Merolla from Johnston, Rhode Island
e-mail: AFD10@home.com




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