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Winners Year 2


 The winner for August
Category: "Autumn"

Autumn is a promise
of future growth and beauty
She comes and hushes all the noise,
she quietly does her duty.

As we wait with eager eyes and hearts,
we see all things retire.
Autumn gathers all the abandoned joys
and lets loose Winter's ire.

As we step slowly into the gray,
we are saddened by the bland.
We forget that Autumn always comes
with promise in her hand.

 -- Submitted by Patricia Hardesty
from Las Cruces, NM
email: hardesty@zianet.com




The winner for September
Category: "The Sea"

On a gray November day
The Gustav made its way
Round the rocks and down the inlet
Out to sea,
And its engine throbbed and droned,
As it plunged and rolled to home
Through the rising wind and foam
Of heaving sea.

Through an agony of time
While they pace and fret and pine
For a message from their loved ones,
Out at sea,
Arrival day came and went
With no word, no signal sent
To end frustration and lament,
Oh, where at sea?

The Pacific's northern gale
Leaves no trace, tells no tale,
Of lives in ships, storm tossed
On wild seas,
Just a single fishing float
Bearing name of missing boat
Flung in a cove remote
By roiling sea.

On a windswept grassy knoll
Above the ceaseless breakers roll
Where wind crook'd pine is stooped
By timeless sea,
Lies a cold, flat granite stone
Forgotten and alone
And carved words cut to the bone:
"Lost at sea".

-- Submitted by Susan Grieve
from Victoria, B.C. Canada
e-mail: hamewith@home.com

(In loving memory of David and Wendy Trail,
John Trail and Mary Anne Grubb,
lost at sea November, 1978)



The winner for October
Category: "Yesterday"

 It seems that only yesterday,
I knew a different world,
Where life was good in every way,
And I was but a girl.

Just yesterday it seems to me,
My world was free from cares,
And full of dreams of what would be,
No worries and no fears.

But now it seems that yesterday,
Is from a past long gone,
So removed from my life today,
Though memories linger on.

And although yesterday was sweet,
And things are not the same,
I still consider it a feat
To be a player in Life's game.

-- Submitted by Maryse Achong
from Trinidad, W.I.
e-mail: maryse@tstt.net.tt




The winner for November
Category: "Food"

Ned strolled out to the chicken coup,
to gather ten fresh eggs.
While to the frozen pond strode Bill,
with two rough wooden kegs.

Dad milked old Daisy in the barn,
and brought mom back the cream.
With Lula there to help her stir,
thus adding to the team.

I watched with careful scrutiny,
though just five years of age.
Quite certain that when I reached ten,
I'd be an ice cream sage.

Then came the most important job,
the crux of all the fixin'.
With Ned and Bill lined up to crank,
and Mom done with the mixin'.

I stood by poised, determined, brave;
Mom filled and closed the vat.
A towel was placed upon the lid,
then firmly down I sat.

As if my job were not enough,
I also gave the cue.
The brew was frozen perfectly,
right when my nose turned blue.

-- Submitted by Timothy R. Oesch
from Oak Ridge, TN
e-mail: oeschplace@sprintmail.com




The winner for December
Category: "Christmas"

T'was the night before Christmas
and to my surprise
were lots of Sees Candies
that caught my eyes

Cakes and cookies placed
in the freezer with care
as I hope that I'd remember
that they were there

While Mom and I settled down
for a long night's nap
I took a swig
of a little night cap

All of a sudden
there was such a clatter
I jumped out of fright
to see what was the matter

Into the living room
I flew in a flash
I looked at the boxes
as they were all smashed

Looking at the luster
of chocolate peanuts below
I now see my favorite cupcakes
with the color of snow

When what to my wondering
eyes should appear
It was my mother
with a can of beer

When Mother bent down and snatched
a piece of candy real quick
I stood there and wondered
where the hell was St. Nick?

Now looking under the tree was more candy,
I wonder from were it came
A variety of chocolates,
only the best brand name

My craving for chocolate,
I was ready to climb the walls
But dear old Mom handed me
those delicious snowballs

As I sat there eating my snowball delight,
on top of it was a damn fly
I got the fly swatter,
I whacked him and told him to die

Well, all of a sudden
that damn fly flew
he flew into my bottle
of Mountain Dew

Mom and I were stuffing our face
and looking down at our belly
We laughed and laughed as they shook
like two bowls of jelly

Mom and I are round and plump,
we looked like an old fat elf
I sat on the chair and had plenty
of candy to eat by myself

As I listened to Mom chewing
on a Carmel Delight
We new Santa came
in a flash that night

I heard him flying all around the town
and as he drove away out of sight
I barely could hear him say...

-- Submitted by Peggy Nelson
from Lakewood, CA



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