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Poetry By William Kite
from Glenwood, Iowa

Sadly, William recently passed away. Another of our poets, Vic Fenton, has
contributed a
poetic tribute to the dear friend he made from this website.



The painting was an old one
That was plain to see
To tell the truth it was the frame
That at first mattered most to me

 I thought perhaps I could use it
So I laid my dollar down
I took it home unaware
Of the treasure I had found

 It was a few days later
When I had a little time
I took a good look at the painting
That the old frame did so enshrine

 The subject was a soldier
Clad in a tattered gray uniform
The look of defeat etched upon his face
A man so beaten, and forlorn

 Around him the land lay in ruins
Smoke rising into the sky
A closer look into his face
Revealed a tear, in the corner of one eye

 His body bent, his shoulders slumped
As he knelt down on one knee
His left hand was touching something
That in the painting one could not see

 His right hand held a small scrap of cloth
It was no more than a soiled rag
Down in the one corner of the painting these words
Self-Portrait by A Man Without A Flag




Held in the arms of darkness
Beneath a sky of dim star light
My face kissed by the nocturnal breeze
Gentle is the night

 Free now from the cares of day
I am once more at peace, and all is right
The darkness whispers to me soft, and low
Gentle is the night

 Like a lover come on to me
The shadows that touch me are a lovely sight
They soothe my soul, and ease my mind
Gentle is the night

 In shades of the silvery moon light
My fantasies all take flight
Now once more within its safety
Gentle is the night



So much is done by so few it seems
At least most of the time that is true
But great change comes now, and then
When the masses demand their due

 A few may hold on to power
But all things reach their peak
Oh, how fast the mighty fall
When at last the masses speak

 When the led no longer follow
When their own dreams at last they seek
History turns a new page
When at last the masses speak

 When the will of the many
Rises to the will of just a few
The books all get rewritten
And history starts anew

 When the sheep turn on the shepherd
When they no longer remain mild and meek
The Shepherd must run for his very life
When at last the masses speak



The walls stand stark, gray, and tall
Across the moat by drawbridge, awaits the mall
Beyond it there the castle stands
Built of stone by long dead hands

 A monument to times long passed
Times when things were built to last
Times when from tower top, to dungeon deep
This place its secrets so well did keep

 A place where once great knights met with king
They swore their oath to his realm, and reign
They crossed their swords to signify
A way of life they thought would never die

 Through her courtyard her armies passed by
The echo of their cadence rose up to the sky
Young maidens cheered them, joyous, and loud
The pride of a kingdom old, and proud

 Down her great halls wide, and narrow passageways
Still linger sings of her glory days
Portraits of Ladies, and Lords now so long gone
Yet here in her grandeur, their sprites live on

 The armor of knights now long in their graves
Scrolls that attest to their deeds, so selfless, and brave
The writings of scribes so old, and profound
That within them one hears hints of freedom's first sounds

 Though the throne now sets empty, and bare
One gets the feeling that the King is still there
The mind sees images of things the eyes cannot view
Of the wisdom, and honor that this place once knew

 The times that we live in seem so far from this place
Yet the present, and past are so interlaced
Ideas born in this castle so long ago
Have lead to the world that we've all come to know

 Now it is just to many another tourist site
But once it was the seat of great power, and might
Many now pass by it, and never understand
The part it has played in the history of man

 To them it is just a building, made of mortar, and stone
One more part of a past to them still unknown
They'll never walk through it, for that would be such a hassle
They'll never know story of this place, this Castle





In the lair of the dragon
There can be found many things
Like the bones of once mighty knights
From the times of many kings

The garments of fair ladies
That the beast brought into this den
Their fate is as yet unknown
Did they die in some beastly sort of sin

Here to the shells of long hatched eggs
Of dragons from the past
And the eggs of dragons yet to come
So their legacy will last

Though many of their kind were slain
Somehow the lair still survives
As if to insure that for all time
There will always be one dragon left alive

They live now only in this dwelling
They no longer fly the sky
For man has gotten better at the art of killing
And outside the lair they would surely die

Some say that we should seek them out
And put their kind to an end
But I feel that before we do that
We should atone for our own sins

After all, can the dragon be blamed
For being what it was made
I think that there are far more things
Of which we have reasons to be afraid

I for one fear not the dragon
I rejoice that the dragon still lives on
For the dragon was here long before us
And the dragon may yet still live
long after we are gone

In the lair of the dragon
Time seems to stand still
There should always be a dragon
And I believe there always will



In the castle of King
As evening shadows fall
The torches light the way
Through each, and every hall

The draw bridge has been raised
The guards are at their post
The Knights sit at the grand table
They await the arrival of their host

The Queen and her hand maidens
Have retired for another night
All is peaceful in the castle
For in the Kingdom all is right

The Throne now sets empty
For the King holds no court this day
He kneels in the Chapel
Where he has gone to pray

"Oh God, King of all Kings"
"Ruler of Heaven, and all lands"
"I am but your humble servant"
"Here to follow your commands"

"I have done as you have willed me"
"I have done what I know is right"
"I come to thank you, oh mighty God"
" For the peace the Kingdom knows this night"

"Please guide me in the days to come"
"That I may not go astray"
"For with you here beside me"
"The peace that now we have may stay"

Now the King stands and turns to leave
He must now meet with his Knights
He must tell them to be ever at the ready
Yet pray they need not fight

Being leader of a land
Is sometimes so hard a thing
Yet by the grace of God, this night
There is peace in the castle of the King




In the wee hours of the morning
As I sat with pen in hand
Writing of this thing called time
And what part in it plays man

There came a knock at my door
I wondered who could this be
No friend would come at this hour
Still I knew I must go see

As I reached the door I spoke loudly
"Why have you come so late"
A hollow voice answered back
"I am the Reaper, and with you I have a date"

A cold chill ran down my spine
I shook there where I stood
"I wish not to see you" said I
But it did little good

For right through the door came Death
Just as if it was not there
Now we stood face to face
I could feel his cold, hard stare

"There must be some mistake" I said
"I still have much to do
I have not time for dying
I will not go with you"

"I have not come to take you"
The tall dark figure said to me
"I have come to ask a favor
I wish you to write of me, you see"

"I have been misrepresented
By so many, for so long
Everyone sees me as such an evil thing
But they are very wrong"

"As a Poet you have spoken of me
In the past with words so kind
Who better to write my story
Could I ever find"

"Let us sit, and I will tell you
Of how I came to be
Of how the Master picked me
To be the one to set all Mortals free"

He talked until the light of dawn
It was a story worth the tell
By the time he rose to leave
I found I knew Death, oh so well

"When next we meet my Poet friend
I shall come to set you free
Until that time let others know
They need have no fear of me"

Like the mist of early morning
He faded into the air
In less than a heartbeat
He was no longer there

So now when others ask me
Why Death is often in my poems
I tell them of the night
Death and I spent all alone

I tell them the story
That I heard in Death's own words
Of how Death was made the Shepherd
of all souls Of all of the Master's herds

His charge is not to take us
But to simply set our souls free
Where our souls end up after that
The Master alone decides, you see

Death is but the end of our mortal life
And the start of life anew
What that life will be is the Master's call
It is not up to Death, or you

Now that I understand him
I shall fear Death no more
Nor will I try to put him off
When next he comes to my door




 The nights are growing longer
One feels a weakening in the sun
Shorter by hours now become the days
Winter comes

 The trees begin to shed their leaves
As summer's song is almost sung
There is now a chill within the air
Winter comes

 The snow will soon come floating down
Gray skies will hide the sun
The land will sleep in frozen silence
Winter Comes

 So it is with this thing called life
For its' song too, will soon be done
The darkness closes in on me
Winter Comes



The Poets' song is one of life
Sung by one who knows
That one day the song must end
That one day the words will no longer flow

A Poet sings in silence
For the ink makes not a sound
A Poet sings on paper
For there his song is found

The words are written carefully
With tender loving care
And to those who read between the lines
The Poets' heart is laid bare

The score is written
with the full range of notes
From the lowest to the highest high
They are the memories of a lifetime
As seen through the Poets' eye

The Poets' song is a rhapsody
That few have ever really heard
For most hear not the music
They simply read the words

The Poets' song is his eternal soul
It is all that he can give
The Poets' prayer is that when he is gone
The song may yet long live




He stands now in silence by her grave
On this cool autumn eve
The tears pouring from his eyes
Tell of how he grieves

She rests now beside another
Who came to her first in life
This seems only right to most
For long ago she was his wife

To the sad man now standing there
It will never be anything, but wrong
For the love they shared late in life
Came long after he was gone

They both had lost their dear ones
A husband, and a wife
But somehow they found each other
In the twilight years of life

They shared a love the likes of which
Few will ever know
Now he is left here all alone
His heart is broken so

Their love was one
When at the end of the day
Their eyes spoke of it in words
Their voices need not say

One hand held in another
Two hearts that beat as one
As they sat side by side
To watch the setting sun

Though she lies beside another now
And in time he will do the same
Of the love they found together
He will never be ashamed

As he dries his eyes, and walks away
He tries to act so brave
But the thought of her here with another
Will haunt him in his grave

Age does not diminish
one's capacity to love
Nor does it lessen the pain
Of the heart left behind
When there is one it has memories of

Of the loves one knows in life
One truth we all must find
None are ever as strong as the last love
For that love is the tie that binds



I am love, let me into your heart
For I can bring to you
All you have searched for from the start

I am love, give yourself to me
For I can give to you
The greatest gift in life you see

I am love, and I know your every wish
Let me fill your life
With a deep inner peace

I am love, without me you are all alone
You need me in your heart
For I will be your own

I am love, I was made just for you
You need me to be complete
For to you I will be true

I am love, I can light the way
Take me to your heart
And there I shall forever stay

I am love, I am for all time
The truest thing in life
You will ever find

For the greatest joys of life
To you I can bring

I am love, and all I ask
is please let me in
For once inside your heart
I shall remain onto the end



Of all the losses
In my life there have been
Few have hurt me more
Than the loss of a friend

A friend is not made
A friend must be earned
It happens when two
Of each other do learn

When something about each other
They both find they share
They find for one another
They soon come to care

Not all friendship lasts
Some friendships die
What seems to hurt most
Is to never know why

When the loss is to death
There is no one to blame
For any other reason though
Is just seems such a shame




Shadows are the strangest things
They have shape yet have no weight
They can be seen at any hour, day or night
Be it early, or be it late

They grow, they shrink
They turn both left, and right
The only place they cannot live
Is where there is no light

They shade us from the summer sun
They hide us in the night
Shadows can be fearsome things
Yet some are pretty sights

You cannot touch a shadow
Although it is really there
When shadows move about
They never stir the air

When shadows fall they are never hurt
For shadows feel no pain
Nothing seems to bother them
Not heat, nor cold, nor rain

Shadows move in silence
They never make a sound
And when a shadow leaves a place
No trace of it can be found.

Shadows are neither good nor bad
They simply are, you see
Shadows are the strangest things
Or so it seems to me



Fear not the night my child
Let it hold you in its arms
Let its darkness wrap around you
To protect you from all harm

Let the night winds blow about you
Let them slip gently through your hair
Give freely yourself unto them
Let them release your every care

Let the moonlight shine upon your face
Let the stars twinkle in your eyes
Let your soul find the eternal truth
That only within the night does lie

Cloaked in the veil of darkness
You can open up your mind
And see the world as it once was
Back at the beginning of all time

For within the darkness is recorded
The very moment it all began
So let the darkness tell you its story
Let the night become your friend

The nocturnal world awaits you
It beckons you to come
For in the darkness of the night
There is safety from the blazing sun

The harshness of the heat of day
Will fade, and you shall find
Peacefulness deep within your heart
And tranquillity in your mind

Fear not the night my child
You've no need to have concern
For all things came from within the night
And in time, to the night they must return

So let your trembling cease
Let go of all your fright
Hear my words my child
For you need fear not the night




They're cutting down our old oak tree today
The one in which we use to play
The one we climbed up everyday
The one in which we loved to stay

The one we built our tree house in
The one we shared with only a few other friends
The one where we use to run, and hide
When we did not want to go inside

If that tree could talk what stories it could tell
That it cannot, is perhaps just as well
To most I know it was just a tree
But it was so much more to you, and me

Remember when you ran away from home
You stayed up in that tree house three days
But not all of that time was spent alone
I brought you tea, and things to eat
When our folks found out, our butts got beat

Remember when that limb broke,
you fell, and tore your dress
I helped you clean yourself up,
but you were still a mess
I know your mom never did
believe you and me
That it was all the fault of that old oak tree

Ahead of me I would let you climb
But I would follow close behind
How often over time
have you thought about that
For I know you knew what I was looking at

It was up in that tree that we first kissed
I am so glad that chance we did not miss
I carved in it your name, and mine
We thought it would last throughout all time

They're cutting down our old oak tree today
One more part of our past gone by the way
To most it was just an old oak tree, nothing more
But it was the whole world to a young boy,
and the girl next door

So long ago we both went our own way
But they're cutting down our old oak tree today
So I thought I would write,
and tell you this truth
I will never forget that old oak tree, or you



The here, and now is where we are
So speak to me not of yesterday
For it is gone forevermore
In the past it shall ever stay

Speak not to me of days yet to come
Of the if, the when, the how
For you, and I, my old friend
Live only in the here, and now

Time has taught me much, old friend
The one thing I know to be true
The here, and now is the only time
In which there is anything we can do

What is yet to come
Will unfold in its own time
Of things in the past we should have done
There is no use to pine

We have both seen many a sunset
And awoke to many a dawn
We are now to where tomorrow
One, or both of us may be gone

That life has gone by so quickly
I really don't know how
The only thing for sure we really have
Is what is in the here, and now

Today, my old friend, I say to you
Just what you mean to me
For to wait just one more day
Seems far too risky now, you see

If there is anything you need to say
Today is the time to find how
For all old friends like you, and I
Can be sure we have, is just the here, and now

Already the list of those we knew
Like the shadows of life grows long
All too soon evening will turn into night
Our time will have come, and gone

We have both come to the point in life
Where we have a weathered brow
The point in life where all we have left
Is just the here, and now




This is the time of your life
Do not waste it, for it soon will be gone
That it will never come again
Is a fact you can count on

Live each day as if it is the last
For one day it will surely be
That the time will come when it will end
Is a fact from which none are free

Time unlike money, once spent
There is no way to make more
Time is now, and always will be
A truly one way door

There is no going back
That is a thing that just cannot be
We get one pass through this life
So see all that you can see

Do not look back too long
For forward you must go
There is so much more you need to do
So much more you need to know

Try to find some happiness
Among Life's trials, and strife
Remember always what time it is
This is the time of your life



I shall write no more
When I find no more to write
When the thoughts of things I have seen
No longer wake me in the night

When no longer I see the parade of life
The joy, the sorrow, the pain, the sin
When no longer these things
dwell in my heart
Then I shall put down my pen

I shall write no more
When I no longer care
When in my heart, my love for life
I find no longer there

I shall write no more
When the words no longer come
When the well one day runs dry
The one from which they come

I shall write no more
When no more needs written down
When no longer in this heart of mine
The spark of life is found

When no longer sweet flowers bloom
After the summer rain
When no longer the wind blows
And makes the tree tops sing

When no longer the wonders of this world
That I rejoice in every day
No longer find their way to me
Will I from my writing stay

When life no longer inhabits these hands
When I walk on that other shore
When I am no longer among the living
Then I shall write no more




Even though I know
That it's not really wise
I find that I am letting myself
Get lost in your brown eyes

The warm glow that I see in them
Is letting my thoughts stray
I see in them words unspoken
Words I long to hear you say

If you were to speak them
The chance is very small
That I could resist them
For I would not try at all

My heart tells me you just may be
Of all, the greatest prize
That is why it is so easy for me
To get lost in your brown eyes



Last night in a dream I saw you
Just the way I always do
Your face, your eyes, your smile
They haunt my mind
the whole night through

Even in the daylight
I find no real escape
You are always in my thoughts
Much more it seems of late

I have tried to forget you
Or at least I tell myself I will
But even with the passage
of the years
I find I love you still

I remember how it felt
Just knowing you were there
The feel of you beside me
The scent of your hair

Why did you stop loving me
What was it that I did wrong
Why do I still love you so
When you've been gone so long

That you no longer want me
Is clear, and yet it seems
You are always in my heart
And forever in my dreams




There are things you cannot
run away from
For they are in your heart,
and they always will be
No matter how hard you try to hide them
They are there in your eyes,
for all the world to see

Running solves very little
It's best to stay, and face them down
For with every mile of running
Their weight grows by the pound

When you try to run away
Just to save your pride
You're not fooling anyone
For there is no place to hide

Life it seems has more than its share
Of sorrow, pain, and tears
The list is long of wrong done to us
As well as wrongs we have done
throughout the years

We must learn to live with
the wrongs done to us
We must set them all aside
We must accept the blame
for our own wrong doing
For there is no place to hide



Deep within each heart
There is a secret place
That holds all the memories
That once made that heart race

Kept for an entire lifetime
All those little things
Like the lines to every song
The heart ever learned to sing

Every joy, and every sorrow
Every tear, and every pain
Every love ever known
All those that were in vain

All that has ever happened
Right from the very start
Is still with us onto the end
Deep within each heart




Some new things are so shiny
And they work so very fine
Some old things though, have a charm
That comes from another time

New things give us the advantage
Of the latest state of the art
But old things come from a time
In which craftsmanship was still a part

Not all that is new is better
Not all that is old is bad
When I am forced to give up some old things
I find it often makes me feel so sad

Some old things have served me
long and well, you see
I find I feel akin to them,
for they are old just like me
New may be much faster,
and new may be less work
Still, what did taking time
and a little effort ever hurt

In time the new will replace the old
That is the way it has to be
I wonder how long before someone new
Comes along and replaces me



While pondering the universe, I ask
What purpose is there for man
Does he exist just by accident
Or his he part of a greater plan

That man exists is obvious
To what ends, is not quite so
His purpose is if any
For the Master alone to know

Like his Master man creates
Like his Master man destroys
He possesses the ability to think
A thing at times he does not employ

He is capable of producing new life
He is capable of taking life as well
He sometimes travels the high road
He at times takes the path to hell<

He lives, he hates, he loves, he dies
It is so hard to understand
What really is the purpose
Of this creature known has man





I watch you, old lonesome one
In the night sky as you make your run
Soon you will be once more outward bound
Once you have swung around the sun

You light up the heavens so
With your long tail of icy light
To some you are a frightening thing
But to me you are a wondrous sight

To my world you are no stranger
Yet I have not seen you before
Once you head back out into the void
I shall see you never more

Only once in my lifetime
Will you pass through my night sky
For long before you come this way again
I know I will surely die

I am but a mortal man
Time is short for me
I wish I could go with you
Out across the vast cosmic sea

I would like to take that ride with you
Out beyond the Moon and Mars
I could keep you company,
old lonesome one
On your journey out among the stars

Alas, I am but a man
Earthbound I must stay
While you are a mighty Comet
I will be dust when again
you pass this way

I will tell those as yet unborn
Of your beauty, and your awe
Of how once up in the night sky
The old lonesome one I saw

I shall tell them to tell their children
And have their children pass the word along
For some of that generation
may live to see your return
If my calculations are not so very wrong

Old lonesome one, old Comet
I am so glad we have met
I promise you, old lonesome one
You I shall not forget

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