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Poetry by Michael Borowiecki
from Bydgoszcz, Poland



I will do what I always do,
I'll be missing you.
I was able to get used to it, I don't know how.
I miss you all the time, especially now.
I will not enjoy seeing the first star,
but rather hate the fact you are so far.
With all my strength I will try to forget the pain,
but I know it will find me, come shine or rain.



Darkness, sweet darkness,
you take my life away each and every night,
when sleep frees my soul from all earthly worries.
I cry to welcome another day of troubles,
as you depart leaving me naked
to the world's bloodthirsty claws...
Light, sweet light,
dear herald of another hopeful day,
if hope is there...



The flames of love end like a dying star;
in a great outburst you can feel from afar.
Shock-waves tear your entire life apart;
emptiness, pain and sadness fill your heart.
You no longer know what is right or wrong;
suicidal thoughts trouble you for long.
Your whole life seems just one unfunny joke;
passionless feelings into your soul soak.




When I close my eyes and go to sleep,
deep inside my soul I start to weep.
I would like to throw it out in a spring of tears,
but my eyes are dry and nobody hears
the burst of my soundless cry of despair.
Will I ever wake up from the nightmare?
Nobody's warm voice encourages me to hold her,
to lay my head on I can find no shoulder.
No hand with a gentle touch comforts me in my strife,
no luminous light overwhelms my life.
It used to but it's gone, another stupid folly.
I have worshipped her as if she truly was holy.
No good came from it, but pain and mischief.
And now when it's over it's hardly a relief.
I still love her, how could I ever love her not.
And I cannot forget, I will forget her not.




Best wishes! All that ever have been said
Beneath the blue and sunny heaven's dome,
And all those that never could be transferred
Into the tight and tiny world of word.
I wish a torch of joy will fill your heart
With an eternal flame of happiness!
And winds of good fortune will make you fly
On colourful and steady wings of life
Over hills of pleasure, oceans of fun,
To a happy land of your fulfilled dreams,
Where every wish to reality turns
Delighting beyond your expectations!!
For all my wishes my language runs short,
I wish you all the best of every sort!!!




A trip of lovers across the Atlantic
On a ship that is to break in half and sink,
Can there be anything more romantic
Seen on the day that of love makes you think,
With you, who I am so crazy about?
For I am crazy, don't give it a doubt!
So, consider my offer once again, please!!
Don't make me, Darling, beg you on my knees!!!
Let's go together to (what do you say?)
Watch 'Titanic' on St. Valentine's Day.
A poem and rose, I can't think of more,
But I won't, Sweetheart, ask you any more,
If you say a 'no!' here and now, to me,
For all I want is happy you to be.




As hours pass and midnight's coming close,
As thoughts uplifted from the tired mind
Reach for the wonderful heaven of hopes,
Of answers to all my secret prayers,
Of wishes becoming reality,
Of fulfilment of love, long awaited,
Of all my love's great expectations met,
Of the same words recited every night
And morning. The words which are the essence
Of all my dreams refined by my love's ties.
The dreams of her never-ending presence,
And our lasting mutual devotion,
Not spoilt by time's unavoidable touch,
Till the edge of doom, if not still beyond.



I am the happiest of all mankind,
For can there anyone happier be,
Than a dreamer among dreams of that kind,
Like those of all love's generosity?
Lasting uncountable number of days,
The mightiest pleasure of love's company.
For what in man's life a greater role plays
Than love, the most beautiful symphony
By God composed to all people's delight
In midst of all the earthly troubles,
In the long journey a comforting light
Pointing the way to the world of marvels.
Just think about it and you'll say: 'O boy!',
The fun that love brings and infinite joy!




My Dearest Love, my Sweetest Desire,
You're the one that my heart sets on fire!
In flames my inside to burn like a torch
With heat that is to all other needs scorch!
The blood in my veins boils at the very thought
You might in seconds remember me not.
That's why I'm putting these rhymes together,
So that they add as another feather
To the soft pillow, where you lay your head,
Comforting when you are going to bed
By letting you know you are forgotten not
By my humble soul which loves you a lot!!
I hope this poem made you smile a bit,
Because all these lines reality fit!!!





I burn in sparkling flames of desire!
I dream about your adorable looks!
Imagining you lifts my soul higher!
And in the boiling emotions my heart cooks!
I dream I hear your voice! Hear your laughter!
See your beauty! Feel your sweet perfume's smell!
Hug you and not think what happens after!
That it's just a dream I can barely tell!
I dream, my Love, about being your love,
And about your bare beloved body's touch!
Though I know well you would send me to hell
Rather than fulfil my brave dreams so much!
When after struggling all my efforts failed,
And the sense of hoping is in question,
My love for you which I've already hailed,
Seems now just an old forgotten bastion,
Of a lost cause, by my heart supported,
In which even I can't keep believing.
But no matter the defeat reported,
By God, nothing could make me cease dreaming.




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