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Poetry By Irtifa Nasir
from Abu Dhabi



There is something we never feel,
There is something we never know,
There is something we never see,
There is something they never show.

There is a smile that covers frowns,
Sparkling eyes obscuring tears,
There is a glow which hides the darkness,
And fake valor hiding fears.

There are masks concealing faces,
Phony comforts concealing pains,
False bliss which hides the agonies,
And coloration hiding gore stains.

There is opulence masking poverty,
Contentment suppressing needs,
Abundance hiding scarcity,
Like a desert being fooled by seeds.

There is false humor attained by tormented brains,
Illusive confidence hiding meekness,
Indifference concealing worries,
Bossiness cloaking weakness.

But then there is something we never tried,
There is something we never will,
There is something they never wanted to do,
But there is something they do hide still…

Don't Worry, Be Happy!!





Love is of many and several kinds,
You have to be united, control your minds.

Affection, sympathy, kindness and care,
It's the first step and it forms the first layer.

Love is of great multitudinous types,
You have to be together like a bunch of pipes.

Friendship, liking, pals and feelings,
If it's the second floor, it means to have good dealings.

Love is in a lot of different styles,
You have to have feelings all in big piles.

Fascination, invocation or be it charm,
It's the third stage and it's got no harm.

Love is sometimes holy, it can be divine,
Love can be heavenly, I think that's just fine.

Faith and conviction, belief in the almighty,
The purest form of love, is love with a holy deity.

But love is always love, call it with any other name,
Expressions might be different, the aim remains same.

The heart is the ruler, the heart will decide,
We will remain its slaves, by its laws we will abide.

Don't Worry, Be Happy!!





Carry on until you get it right,
Carry on until you win the fight.

Carry on until you reach the goal,
Carry on until you satisfy your soul.

Carry on until you touch the sky,
Carry on until you are about to die.

Carry on until you find a way,
Carry on until you see a ray.

Carry on until you get the gold,
Carry on until you get more bold.

Carry on until your feet get sore,
Carry on until you reach the victory door.

Carry on until you get your dream,
Carry on until you see its beam.

Carry on until you can carry it fast,
Carry on until your breath will last.





Many things in life you never ever get,
Your hopes down, you either shouldn't let
Friendship that is true is lost nowadays,
To show themselves superior, people use several ways.
Later on they pretend as if nothing took place,
They break and crush a person's heart then cast an innocent face.
What I never knew they learnt, that is true,
But does it mean they treat me as the tip of their shoe?
I cannot perceive why this happens to me,
A comprehensive reason for this, I could never see.
I may not be superb, I may not be the ace,
I may not be a butterfly, but yes, an ordinary face.
So I tried to mould myself, in a way they would respect,
But still they are indifferent, they hate me, that's a fact.
I don't ask much, just one to dote, one to be by my side,
But no one cares and no one dares to bridge the gap so wide.
This makes me feel as the only one who's not up to the mark,
But what should I do to gain some friends,
save sit and cry in the dark?



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