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"The Unfinished Puzzle"

by Susan Wheat from Denham Springs, LA

It was a typical autumn evening,
she sat, with her memories, in the porch swing.
The crisp air a gentle hint
of what winter would soon bring.

He died one year ago today,
her husband of only four years.
She never knew of his pain,
he had shielded her from his tears.

Suddenly she shivered and went inside,
feeling so very cold.
But she knew it wasn't the cool evening air,
it came from within her soul.

She glanced around the room,
so many memories, so much pain,
then she saw the unfinished puzzle,
all of him that remained.

His worldly possessions shared with others,
her memories their only tie,
except for the unfinished puzzle,
afraid to remove it, not knowing why.>

He had chosen the puzzle,
a scene of mountains reaching high.
Together they had matched the pieces,
talked of climbing the mountains and touching the sky.

One piece of the puzzle was missing,
she had searched to her dismay.
He said, "Don't worry about the unfinished puzzle,
the missing piece will be found one day."

She reached for their photo album,
the first time since his death.
She needed to see his face now,
she needed to feel his depth.

She turned the pages slowly,
so many memories, so much pain.
And within the pages of the album,
an envelope with her name.

The envelope contained a letter from him,
and the puzzle's missing piece.
She read the words with longing,
and found in them release...

"I knew you would not look at these pictures
until you understood within your soul,
that our brief time together was a gift,
and our life together was whole.

I give to you this missing piece
of the unfinished puzzle we shared.
It's the very top of the mountain,
and I know that you are there.

It's time for you to see the other side,
a new life for you will unfold.
Seek your new beginning
and the stories yet untold.

Now put the missing piece
at the mountaintop so high,
and if you ever need me,
just reach up and touch the sky."


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