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"Glorious Glimpse"

by Marla Hope Nelson from Winslow, Indiana

Pepper, Poe, and Pouty Face
were snuggled down in their special place,
in a tiny hole in the kitchen wall,
discussing the coming Christmas Ball

Cabby, the calico cat, laid his head
close to the wall, where inside led,
to a little room where the mice abode,
and at Christmas, the story of Jesus was told

Pepper was fat, but not very long
Poe was short, and not very strong
Pouty Face was wisest of all,
narrow as wire, and strangely tall<

Cabby would listen to Pouty Face tell
about a baby born to dwell
in the hearts of people everywhere,
a child from Heaven, gentle and fair

The calico cat loved to press his ear
against the wall so he could hear
about the child, who long ago,
was born to touch the human soul

Poe would ask with much delight,
"Dear Pouty Face, will it be tonight,
when we will hear this babe's sweet cry?"
Pouty Face would smile, and sigh.

"If we listen and open our hearts this day,
this wonderful child will make a way,
but if we do not want him near,
I doubt that we will hear him, dear."

What utter wisdom, Pepper thought
Pouty Face sure knows a lot
But we're just mice, and Cabby's a cat,
that's how it is, and we can't change that

Nevertheless, in the hole in the wall,
where there wasn't any fantastical ball,
were Pepper, Poe, and Pouty Face
moving about and making a place
for the tiny babe to rest his head,
on a small gold-colored straw filled bed

At noon, when Cabby took his nap,
Pepper and Poe would set a trap,
tying his tail around a chair ,
so he couldn't chase them anywhere

Then quicker than a half of a wink,
the two mice scurried for food and drink,
and hurrying back to their home in the wall,
they shared with Pouty Face, things they saw,
like turkey on the table, and pudding galore!
and trimmings! and trimmings! and oh! so much more!

It never bothered Cabby the cat,
to find his tail tied up like that
Pepper, Poe, and Pouty Face knew
he liked the attention, and they did, too

With food on the table, and spice through the air,
Christmas had come, and the guests were all there
They feasted on turkey and laughed through the night,
but something about it just wasn't quite right>

Pepper, Poe, and Pouty Face knew
the things that humans neglect to do,
like praising the child who was born long ago,
to save them from sin, and make them whole

So, in the tiny hole in the wall
where the mice were waiting, excited and all,
was a wondrous 'light' shining all about!
And seeing it, Pouty Face lost her pout!

Poe grew long and strong inside!
Pepper waxed slender! No longer wide!
Cabby, the cat, got a glimpse of the sight!
And he danced and purred throughout the night!

Out from their home in the wall came the mice,
Pepper acting especially nice
Poe sat down by Cabby the Cat,
And Pouty, now Perky Face, started to chat

"It was most wonderful what we saw!"
Tiny Jesus asleep on the straw
The bed we had made for the child was bright,
and over him lingered a 'heavenly light'

"Yes, we're just mice
And Cabby's a cat,
But we're telling the truth
It was just like that!"


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