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Breast Cancer
by Ann Dawson from Sussex, England, UK

Poem about Breast CancerLadies Be Aware

I know I am no Doctor, I know I am no nurse,
But there's something I'd like to share with you,
Something I'd like to share in verse:

It was just about two weeks ago when something came to mind,
When 'examining' myself, a strange lump there I did find.
At first it kind of shocked me, and thinking 'it will go'
I left it for another week, before the Doc' did show.

The truth of it then struck me as he feeling it there too,
Said 'Oh YES!!!…I can feel THAT!! Just the same as you!
A little more concerned was I as he said that I would need,
To attend the local Hospital, he would contact them with speed.

By the very next morning, when the post it did arrive,
Came a letter from the hospital, with appointment 10.05
Just a week away, I'll have to wait then to find out,
What is this 'lump' I have here, and what it's all about.

I know I've done the right thing, to seek the Doc's advice,
It shouldn't be a problem; it's the thought that's just not nice.
The brain goes into overtime, thinking all things bad,
Wondering if this is the only 'lump' that I'll ever have.

Logic says 'Don't Worry'; everyone else says it too,
So to help me pass this week away is why I'm telling you.
So ladies, if you find a lump, where it shouldn't be,
Go to the Doc, get his advice, and do the same as me.

Whatever is the cause of it, whatever be the reason,
Don't ignore a lump you find, no matter what the season.
It's best to find out straight away, to see if something's wrong,
Than to leave it till it's too late, or to leave it far too long.

To The Ladies

To my friends who sent good wishes, since my poem, Ladies Be Aware,
There is more, if you'll permit me, which, with you I'd like to share.
My visit to the Hospital, was not all that I had hoped,
So from that morning that I went, I like to tell you how I've coped.

Tuesday morning, off I went, my appointment there to keep,
No long wait, no time to think, barely time to take a seat.
Preparing myself for what had to come, I knew it wasn't nice,
To have your 'bits' squashed quite flat in an 'electronic vice.'

That over, they then decided, not liking what they saw,
Further tests they would do, to try to find out more.
An ultrasonic scan they did, and showed me with great care.
So I could see upon that screen, the problem that was there.

More concerned they became, and more tests they would do,
Take some samples; send away, 10days before they knew.
Knew for sure what the lump was, 10 days of Hell for me,
10 days of worrying, not just on my own, but also my family.

They sent me to the Support Nurse, who explained in great detail,
What was sure to happen soon. I know I went quite pale.
Although it was not certain, that the lump was the big 'C'
The Doc's experience said a lot, and was as sure as he could be.

I kept a smile upon my face, bade farewell, then drove home,
How I ever managed to get there, I will never know.
That afternoon passed on by, completely in a blur,
I can't remember during that time what really did occur.

My emotions were running wild; my thoughts had just gone mad,
Sheer panic had set into my head, thoughts of all things bad.
I'm a single Mum with children, how will they cope if I am ill?
How will my obligations as a mum, to them now fulfil.

Another emotion then struck me, I felt dirty, and unclean,
My body has been invaded by something alien and still unseen,
I was feeling like a leper, I should have a bell to ring,
to warn each and everyone around, of this horrid evil thing.

The next thing I felt was pure anger, I just really couldn't see,
After all in life I've gone through, why this? Why now? WHY ME???
The days went on and through the night, sleep seemed so far away,
Tossing, turning, and nightmare dreams, all came into play.

It was then that I realised, that for me to see this through,
I had to talk to others, to other people who really knew.
I couldn't keep it bottled up, and secrete it all inside,
I needed to let it all out again, not a thing I dared to hide.

My friends are so supportive, a great shoulder they are to me,
And with talking to so many, they have made me clearly see.
Positive thoughts I need to have, I have to push worry away,
Not to think upon that 'dark-side', not once, not any day.

The shock has now subsided, and I accept the reality,
I have this thing that I don't want, growing inside of me.
In the Doctors I'll place my trust, to their hands I'll place my care,
I'll not fret about what 'might' be, and just deal with what is 'there'.

It has really made me realise, that I am definitely not alone.
So many others have had the same, such strength they have shown.
I'll stay positive through this ordeal, that into my life was cast,
When it's all over and done with, then I can put it in my past.

Whatever may lie in front of me, all the hills I'll need to climb,
I know that I can cope with it, even though it may take time.
I know that whatever happens, I know it'll turn out all right,
What I am most thankful for, thank God, I checked myself that night.


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