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by Ralph Fallentine from West Valley City, Utah

"Tim" by Ralph Fallentine

Tim could not recall his mom, he didn't know his dad;
His life was always shuffled 'round, he was a troubled lad;
His years upon this mortal world had only totaled five,
At times he'd slept upon the street, he'd barely stayed alive;

They found him yes, when he was two, hiding in a box,
He had a bag of jelly beans and several colored rocks;
They didn't know how long he'd been living on his own,
They only knew he looked a mess, they couldn't find his home;

He clutched a tattered dirty bear, its name was quite unique,
He said his bear was "Uzzy boy," to us the name was Greek;
Y'see Timmy didn't speak a lot, his words were very few,
He often cried, "I wan my om," but no one had a clue;

His time was spent in foster homes, he wasn't treated well,
His life was kicked from place to place, it was a living hell;
His parents, on the other hand, had searched for Tim in vain,
They thought Tim's life had ended, their lives were wrought with pain;

They used to laugh and play with Tim, he even had a cat,
He had a bear named Fuzzyboy, a plastic ball and bat;
One day the cat went out the door and headed down the street,
Tim followed "Kitty" close behind with tiny naked feet;

The rest is not important, little Tim was lost,
It must have been so cold that night, the morning grass had frost;
As time went by, little Tim was traded to and fro,
His life was so unstable and all he heard was "No!"

Christmas, yes, was here again, a time he would abhor,
He knew he would be moved again, of this he was quite sure;
At five, Tim had but just one friend in whom he could confide,
That little friend was "Uzzyboy," his one and only pride;

As Christmas day grew ever near, the papers all got signed,
Soon Tim would be adopted, he hoped they would be kind;
Every time he'd changed his home, he saw it in their eyes,
They started off by acting nice, it was a proven guise;

The time for their arrival would be on Christmas morn,
The time that Christ the Savior came, the day that he was born;
If miracles could ever be, he prayed that he might find,
A couple that would hug him tight, he really wouldn't mind;

His foster parents cleaned him up, but took away his bear,
That tattered rag would have to go, they really didn't care;
Tim cried inside, his throat grew sore, that bear was his best friend,
Little Tim was all alone, his heart may never mend;

Then came a shallow knocking sound from just outside the door,
It was the social service girl, the one he'd seen before;
She gripped his hand and held it tight and Tim began to cry,
She held him very tenderly and tried to dry his eyes;

She was there when Tim was found, she knew his story well,
She finally found a mom and dad, a pair that wouldn't yell;
His future mom and dad had sent a package tied with string,
Tim would eye it carefully to see what it would bring;

Then all at once his eyes welled up and tears began to flow,
The precious present he'd unwrapped caused his face to glow;
The ride was long, the car was warm, the destination near,
His heart was pounding furiously, the future so unclear;

And now the car began to slow, his confidence had grown,
The place where they had stopped and parked was like a place he'd known;
There were those stairs of painted wood, they even had a cat,
The social lady rang the bell and then he spied the bat;

A plastic bat was hung against the door above a sign,
He really couldn't read just yet, he knew he would in time;
And then he heard them running hard to open up the door,
They picked him up and squeezed him tight, they loved him that's for sure;

And then Tim thought to thank them both because it was so right,
for giving him an "Uzzyboy" to sleep with him that night;
The mother fell upon her knees and asked," What did you say?"
Tim said, "Thanks for Uzzyboy, I lost him once today!"

And then her tears began to flow, as father grabbed his heart,
They said this was a miracle, that God had done his part;
The social lady stood in awe, then dawned a glorious thought,
That she had just united them, with one whom they had sought;

Then mother screamed, "I yov you Tim!" That took him by surprise,
He recognized that baby talk, and recognized her eyes;
And then the spirit filled their souls, old memories came anew,,
"Thank you Lord," they humbly prayed, "that thou hast blessed us too."


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