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"The Twelfth Day of Christmas"

by Elizabeth Santos from Pottstown, PA



On the first day of Christmas, thoughts of childhood delight
Were spread across the rooms and into spaces of the night
For on the Christmas tree I saw through small and wondering eyes
The magic of a sleigh that would be flying through the skies

 On the second day of Christmas, I could see a speedy sled
With wooden top all shiny new, and runners painted red
That day was independence for a six to old to own
A sled to ride the waves of time and distances alone

 The third Day of Christmas, beneath the Christmas tree
A looking glass that would reflect the inner parts of me
For in the mirror I could see a girl now fully grown
Out of childhood sweet fantasies to new ones of her own

 On the fourth Day of Christmas there was a diamond ring
Reflecting Christmas candles and the joy that they would bring
The glory of the birth of Christ now touched me in a way
That the beauty of His love shone down upon my wedding day

 On the fifth day of Christmas a child came to earth
In the silence of life's meaning, in the miracle of birth
I could feel the love of Christmas shining deep within my core
And I promised I would teach him of a Love more grand and pure

 On the sixth day of Christmas, with wonder in his eyes
A stocking full of goodies, each a little sweet surprise
And I saw him look for Santa Clause in heavy falling snows
That night against the window pane, he pressed his little nose

 On the seventh day of Christmas, a new and shiny sled
And underneath the wooden slats, his name engraved in red
I watched him as he pushed himself from off the hilly glaze
Into the independence of his up and coming days

 On the eighth day of Christmas he gave a diamond band
That glittered in the memories when placed upon her hand
Reflecting on the walls the prism rainbows of my life
The babe, the child, the teen, the bride, the mother and the wife

 On the ninth day of Christmas I paused in retrospect
The years of pain, the years of joy, the things I would expect
And in that moment I had seen that measure of my days
Cannot be spread in distance over land or sky or waves

 On the tenth day of Christmas my grandson said to me
What is in the magic of a lovely Christmas tree?
I said the tree is filled with light, just as the Light of Love
That shown down on a little Child from places up above

 On the eleventh day of Christmas, my aged eyes could see
The glory of the Child who was born and died for me
My eyes were growing weary, though the glitter of the light
Still lit the magic wonder in the joys of Christmas night

 On the twelfth day of Christmas, a gift was given to me
For I had gone to heaven, there to dwell eternally
Then looking down upon the earth a child tucked in bed
Beneath the tree, red runners on a shiny wooden sled


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